Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 12 mins

On the endangered species' list sadly.... Inspired by pictures of penguins as seen in The Gallery of Regrettable Food. What a fine piece of literature! Museum quality photography, too!


  1. Hard boil the eggs. Drain, set aside to cool then peel.
  2. BODY: Cut a small slice off the wide end of each egg. (Cut the slice so that the penguin can stand up on its own.).
  3. FLIPPERS: Slice three olives in quarters lengthwise. Cut a small slit down each side of the "body" of an egg and insert one olive piece on each side.
  4. CHEST: Cut approximately 1/2" sliver of black olive lengthwise. Make a tiny slit down the middle of the hard boiled egg and carefully insert the olive sliver.
  5. HEAD: Place one toothpick down the center of the top (narrow end) of each hard boiled egg. Attach the whole olive with the hole in the center of the penguin's face.
  6. NOSE: cut six small triangular pieces of carrot or bell pepper-large enough so that it will fit snugly in the olive hole and not fall out. Place the carrot or bell pepper piece in the olive hole.
  7. To serve, arrange the endangered penguins on an irregularly shaped piece of styrofoam.


Most Helpful

I'm not reviewing this, as I haven't made these yet. I just wanted to say very creative, and Aussie-great pics. Too Cute!!!!

Boob June 09, 2008

These along with the Cream Cheese Penguin's #48067 were a huge hit at my nieces "Scooby Doo Dance Party" held for her amazing recovery from Leukemia. The parents raved, the kids adored them and it was worth the effort just to see how happy it made my neice.

Aussie-In-California June 07, 2008

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