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After reading the other reviews, I didn't use all the oil and cooked the sauce till it had a nice consistency. It was delicious, we really enjoyed this Barbecue Sauce. It was so good, I served it over roasted chicken sandwiches the first night and glazed my steaks with it the next night. It was wonderful, a little sweeter when added as a condiment, a smoother, less sweet flavor when cooked on the steaks. Thanks for sharing this tasty, tasty sauce, which I will make again and again.

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Baby Kato December 13, 2012

HUGE Paula Deen fan and I have been looking forward to trying this recipe. Super simple. I think next time I will mince the onions then saute them in a bit of the oil for a couple minutes before I added the rest of the ingredients. Too much oil; I think you could safely use half of what is called for. I also had problems with it thickening, so I threw in some no sugar added applesauce which did the trick. I also added a little garlic powder. All in all, as written it is a 4 star but with a few changes it became a 5. NOTE: Used this on some grilled oysters and again on some high quality natural casing hot dogs and it worked well on both.

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JanuaryBride April 21, 2009

The flavor of this bbq sauce is wonderful! A little bit of sweet, smoky, and tangy flavors that all work so well together. I did have some trouble with the sauce thickening. After 15 minutes I still had a thin runny sauce so I simmered for an additional 15 minutes. Let it set on the stove to cool down and it did start thickening more. I used vegetable oil and had a layer of oil on my sauce. Maybe olive oil would have been better and just enough to blend in with the rest of the ingredients. I did substitute about a teaspoon of seasoned salt for the 2 teaspoons of salt. Thank you Lor for posting this recipe! It was a nice fresh sauce that sure beats the store bought bbq sauces and I love Paula Deen!! :) Used when making Color Guard Mom's Carls Jr Western Bacon Cheeseburger (Copycat).

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lauralie41 January 07, 2009
The Lady's Barbecue Sauce - Paula Deen