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I LOVE this recipe. It is a treasure to me. It is so simple and I make it really often, especially in the colder months. I only make it hot, but I've heard that it also makes a delicious lemonade in the summertime. The Kerr House is a private health retreat in the quaint little town of Grand Rapids, Ohio. I worked there and got addicted to this wonderful drink, their house "tea". If you are interested in the health benefits, read on. If not, skip down to the recipe! The original recipe for this came from Stanley Borroughs as a cleansing fast and appetite supressant. [That should serve as a fair warning that it does make you have to go to the bathroom...but in a good way :)] Lemon is an excellent clenser and diuretic. Maple sugar is a balanced form of positive and negative sugars and helps keep blood sugar levels normal. Cayenne pepper is a blood purifier and dissolves mucous. (I ALWAYS drink this at the first sign of a cold!) I know it is probably tempting, but dont omit the cayenne pepper. Try it- it doesnt make it spicy and it wouldnt taste the same without it!

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  1. Mix together lemon juice and maple syrup.
  2. Spoon 1-2 tablespoons (to taste) into a mug or tea cup.
  3. Fill with hot water and lightly sprinkle on a pinch of cayenne pepper, to taste. (You can stir it in if you want to). The syrupy mixture can be made ahead and can be stored in a covered glass in the refrigerator for about a week.
  4. Variation: (I've never tried this) Peel lemons, leaving a generous amount of white pulp, which contains bioflavonoids. Cut lemon in half, remove seeds. Mix in a blender with purified water until liquid. Serve according to above directions.


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This is probably quite healthful. I prefer organic honey as a sweetener though. Made for Comfort Cafe - Snow Queens Round 01/10.

UmmBinat January 09, 2010

I was excited to find this "treasure" of a recipe. I've been a long time fan of hot lemon water and swear to its aid in digestion! I was intrigued by the addition of cayenne pepper, since I've been reading such wonderful benefits of it. I've been drinking this for over a week. I actually like the heat from the pepper (mixed with the sweetness of the syrup) and find it another way to enjoy my "lemon water." Thanks so much for posting, Munchkin Mama! Roxygirl

Roxygirl in Colorado February 19, 2009

I use honey instead of maple syrup and it tastes great! So warm and comforting.

Busy Lindsay September 20, 2008

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