Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 15 mins

From the book, "From Chilis to Chutneys" by Neelam Batra. Serve with the traditional American hamburger fixings or try them with chutney, grilled sliced onion, mushrooms and tomatoes.

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  1. In large bowl, combine all the ingredients and mix thoroughly.
  2. Shape into 6-10 patties, each about 4" in diameter.
  3. The patties will shrink as they cook.
  4. Put the patties on a grill over hot coals and cook to the desired level of doneness, 10-15 minutes.
  5. Turn once or twice and press the patties with a spatula to ensure that the insides get properly cooked.
  6. The patties can be pan-fired by placing them in a nonstick or cast-iron skillet or on a stove top griddle, and cooking them over moderately high heat until they become golden to golden brown on both sides and are cooked through as you like them.


Most Helpful

We love hamburgers and we love indian food. But, we did not like these burgers.

PENNYSAVER68 November 16, 2008

Delicious! I (a little more than) halved the ground beef (there was only two of us!) but kept the spicing the same (except for adding a little extra salt and some crumbled ritz crackers soaked in milk and squeezed of excess moisture... I always do this with my burgers). A tip for checking your seasoning: fry up a pinch of your hamburger mix so you can taste it before you shape your patties and adjust your seasoning accordingly. I topped them with onion, tomato and mango chutney (as suggested), and added a little ketchup, mustard and Miracle Whip. I served these in quartered pita bread alongside Channa Masala and Indian Cucumber Salad. So good! Thank you so much for the recipe. I'll be making these again for sure!

newfiechic July 29, 2008

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