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These were really great! I made them on my electric grill in my apartment, and they still turned out juicy and tasty. Greg doesn't like tuna steak so I substituted chicken on his half of the kabob's, which worked well, too. I would leave out the ginger next time, but then again that was one of my Greg's favorite aspects of the flavors. Thanks for posting, I'm definitely making this again, especially while I'm watching my calories.

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PatrickG January 13, 2008

I've never prepared grilled tuna - only had tuna from a can - so this was something new for me. It turned out to be delicious - the perfect meal for the summer grill. I must admit that I wimped out and did not use a scotch bonnet or habanero pepper but used a jalapeno because I am not a big fan of heat and wanted to enjoy the flavors of the many ingredients. Thanks for another new cuisine for me. :)

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Acerast July 09, 2007

I was quite hesitant about having to make a jerk recipe for ZWT3, really didn't think I was going to like it, but this tuna was excellent! I was making just a single serving so I decided not to do kebobs. I marinated (5 hours) an ahi steak and then grilled it. I subbed a jalepeno pepper, as past experience with some habenero salsa continues to haunt me. It was lightly spicey, and I might add even a little more the next time I make it (there will be a next time! I also used powdered ginger because I had left my fresh ginger at the 4th of July party I went to the night before. I loved the glaze, and wished I had doubled it. Instead of making the pepper/onion/ pineapple part of the kebobs I added some canned pineapple chunks to a little bit of the glaze and cooked it for a few minutes then served it with the fish; I just wanted more! Reviewed for ZWT3

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momaphet July 06, 2007

I really enjoyed the flavors in this dish! I used canned pineapple and a green bell pepper in place of the red. Loved the glaze! Thanks Houdinis!

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Sharon123 June 20, 2007

These really are magic! Everything blended together beautifully and the heat of the chili was well offset by vegies and the pineapple. At first I thought the marinade my have been a little too strong for the tuna but that wasn't the case. Only change I had to make was to use tinned pineapple because I couldn't find fresh, but it certainly is a dish worthy of a nice fresh pineapple when available.

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Peter J June 16, 2007
The Houdini's Magical Tuna Kabobs With Pineapple Glaze