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Beyond euphoric! Totally the most prolific show of love for your dearest ones that clamber around your early morning breakfast table. I felt as though I had taken a quick flight cross' the pond and landed within another world, or quite possibly; another time in history. I really wanted to do something special for Dennis, and for no reason, or because I had to. I had everything right here in my kitchen to address the whole recipe, except; tomatoes. (Don't ask why a person who has a farm doesn't have tomatoes as this is a question I often ask myself?) I didn't have the pudding either, but I did add the optional potato on as suggested. The mushrooms were succulent, and oh so tasty. I fried a piece of whole wheat toast, and added fresh raspberry jam. The rest went together quickly and had quite a punch for the amazing little amount of time this took to put together. The only addition was putting the potatoes in come cold water for 1/2 hour along with some thinly sliced onions. Drained them, making sure the water was removed...and doing a wonderful potato fry following your suggestions. Will at least make this once a month for Dennis and family. After all; I am sure they will be sitting here waiting until I make it again. Wish I had those tomatoes though. Made for *FT* just for the heck of it. April 2008

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm April 27, 2008

Thanks for posting this! Breakfast has always been my fave meal of the day. Over the years I have spent several weeks in the UK and always cherished these robust breakfast feasts. Actually, if you look, and are a bit "choosey" you can get similar breakfasts from St. Petersburg/Moscow to Rome, all over Portugal, Italy, and of course back to GB. Ingredients/items may vary quite a bit from country to country, but that's what makes such a breakfast so great. I truly enjoy such a breakfast in my own home at least once a month....even more often when I want to just indulge myself!

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DEEP January 05, 2008

OHHH, FT !! How you made me LONG for the many trips' Cross The Pond, where we would Bed and Breakfast for 3 weeks at a time (in the '80's)- and partake of this lovely start to the day EVERY day !! It held us nicely til we looked for a Pub Lunch around noon, then Tea with scones and strawberry jam at 4 PM, as an appetizer before dinner at 7 !! Small wonder we look as we do today ! Thanks for the memory.

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NurseJaney December 29, 2007

Spent 3 years in England, and years later I decided to cook this for my wife on her birthday...results were great. She felt like it was restaurant quality (and I'm not that good of a cook, so props to the recipe). Very authentic if you follow the directions.

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Derren B. January 25, 2014

As an Englishman the FEB is a cherished item of my food culture though, as it must be actually a fried breakfast (as opposed to the less tasty low fat option of grilling), then it has to be taken sparingly. However when on holiday I really do make a pig of myself each morning which has the benefit of filling me up nicely so that I do not require anything else to eat until the evening meal. I spent a week on the Isle of Mull off the west coast of Scotland where a lovely bowl of porridge was the 'starter'. The fried breakfast was a mountain on the plate with a great chunk of black pudding just lightly fried. It was a good job that the holiday was a walking holiday as I think that I would have sunk the ferry back to Oban. Try black pudding uncooked: the making of the pudding is actually cooking so that you are OK to eat it like that and I enjoy it with some apple but that is just me.

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wrekendyke February 08, 2013

I have always wanted to make a FEB and this recipe was just perfect! I made everything except the black pudding. There is a store in the village that sells items from Britain so I went there for groceries, jams, etc. Made for my English neighbors and they were overjoyed! Thank you so much for sharing, French Tart! Made for the Think Pink Tag Game In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness, October 2008.

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Mrs.Jack October 29, 2008

Definitely must have baked beans and chips! I do a big fry up for breakfast every now and then for my British husband. Love it! :)

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Rosie_C December 31, 2007

FEB? This is almost like the breakfast special at the "Milky Way" in Fort Loudon, PA! The potatoes are not optional, the pudding is... Panackes included along with eggs your way! It seems us folks on this side of the pond like to eat like you folks on that side of the pond ! LOL!!!! Love it FT!!!!!

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Chef Shadows December 28, 2007
The Full Monty - F E B - Full English Breakfast