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these are yummy kids gobbled them up. i did not know what kamut flour was so i used white flour

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southern chef in louisiana January 16, 2004

My whole family loves these cookies. I actually make them for breakfast! The only change I made was to substitute shredded coconut for raisins, but that's just what we prefer. YUMMY!!! I like to use my ice cream scoop to plop these onto my parchment lined cookie sheets. I usually get about 16. Then bake both sheets for 9 minutes, rotate them and bake another 9 minutes. They're perfect every time!

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pdantoinette March 27, 2010

It is awful. Threw all the cookies away.

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bellydancer321 October 09, 2006

Very yummy! Soft, light and tender cookie. Even with the banana and pumpkin, not overly moist. Made as directed but this would be a great recipe to change around, too, with different dried fruits or chips. I love a healthy cookie but it's hard to find one that tastes good, too. This one fits the bill! Thanks, ladypit, for sharing the recipe!

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LonghornMama April 09, 2006

it mreally bad. u should really have a different name.

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Jeanna Towers April 20, 2005

I absolutely loved these! I made as the recipe states, using oat bran and baking for 8 minutes (longer would have overbaked). Don't be thrown by wet looking batter; everything turns out great. Next time I may use some pureed dates instead of honey.

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ashley dixon September 21, 2004

Mmmmm! These are goooooood! Especially considering they don't have any butter or oil except for the peanut butter. I made the recipe as stated, except I used wheat bran rather than the oat bran and applesauce rather than pumpkin puree, both of which ladypit OKed before-hand. Worked wonderfully! I had no problems with the dough being too thick- I thought it might even be a tad too thin, but I think this may be because of my substitution of applesauce. I added a tad more kamut flour to compensate and thicken in up a bit (about 2 Tbs or less) which worked well. These are very puffy and cake-like. I used just short of half a cup each of sunflower seeds and walnuts and a couple Tbs each (to top off) of sliced almonds and pecans. These don't have a terribly strong banana or peanut butter flavor, which is good, I was a little concerned they would be overwhelmingly flavored with one or the other- but although you can taste the peanut butter and banana, it is definitely not a strong flavor. These really are "everything" cookies! I was making BF bring me the ingredients and he kept asking me "What is IN these cookies?" To which, I answered (and who could resist?), "Everything!" I like that these are easy to throw together using just one bowl. These certainly don't TASTE like they're good for you (but they are!) and who doesn't love a recipe like that. I can't wait to make these again and try some variations like using other dried fruits, different kind of chips, adding some spices or substituting some of the honey with more molasses. These are terrific! Thank you for posting!

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Roosie July 19, 2004

I used all wheat flour and banana and walnut this was good!!! (Omitted the molasses- don't get it) I will be making this again definitely with the pumpkin and also the other flours. Except kamut (dunno what that is)! Thank you!!! :) Fay

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Girl from India April 26, 2004
The Everything Cookie