Total Time
1hr 5mins
Prep 5 mins
Cook 1 hr

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Ingredients Nutrition

  • 1 quart pineapple juice (Dole)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 3 cups cream
  • 3 cups sugar
  • milk


  1. Mix the pineapple juice and sugar -- make sure that the sugar is dissolved.
  2. Next add the cream and vanilla.
  3. Pour the whole mixture into the Ice Cream freezer container.
  4. Add milk to finish filling to the "fill line".
  5. At this point simply follow the instructions on your ice cream maker.
  6. When the ice cream is ready you can serve it as is --
  7. or you can stick it in the freezer for a while and let it set up a bit.
  8. Enjoy!


Most Helpful

first of all, I think the "milk" is a mistake. I have exactly the same recipe (smaller batch size) without the milk. I think they must have just topped off their ice cream maker with a few drops of milk.....not necessary. Anyway, I just got back from Disney World and found the real Dole Whip rather pungent. Now that they offer three flavors, I think they are not doing a good job keeping the flavors form mixing. Anyway, this recipe makes a great Pineapple Ice cream....smooth and flavorful. I have a small ice cream maker, and it works great. I use 1 1/3 cups juice, 1 cup sugar and whipping cream, and 1/3 t vanilla. Perfect flavor and perfect batch size for my small machine!

y2khardtop January 19, 2014

I decided to make this recipe and review it for the Zaar Chef Alphabet Soup game. The main reason I chose this recipe was that I absolutely loved the Dole Whip I ate in Hawaii and wanted to recreate at home. Unfortunately, this recipe is not easy to follow. First, the size of the batch is not given. Also, the size of the ice cream maker is not given. In addition, the amount of milk to use is not specified, either. I know that there are recipes, usually for larger ice cream makers, that say, as this recipe does, "add milk to the mark in the ice cream maker." In most cases, I would not attempt this kind of recipe if I had no idea how big the ice cream maker was. However, I thought I could perhaps scale this recipe for my own smaller canister type ice cream maker, if I kept the proportions of the ingredients that the amounts were given for. I then ran into trouble with the amount of sugar. I did look at other ice cream recipes on this site, but did not find any with the amounts of sugar and cream equal. I suppose it might be possible for a very big ice cream maker, using quite a lot of additional milk. But the amount of pineapple juice is not so very much at all. Certainly, for a very large amount of milk, you would need a correspondingly large amount of pineapple juice. For these reasons, I do not think that this recipe could be followed faithfully, regardless of the amount of milk, to produce good pineapple flavored soft ice cream, which is what Dole Whip is. Nonetheless, I still wanted to try it, so I scaled the amounts of pineapple juice, cream and vanilla by 75%. I used only 3/4 cup sugar, and no milk. This was about twice as much mixture as my ice cream maker could handle, so I made the ice cream in two batches. Somewhat to my surprise (and relief), the resulting ice cream tastes nice. It does not have as strong a pineapple flavor as Dole Whip, however. (I did use Dole 100% pineapple juice.) I think I would have to either use pureed canned pineapple or pineapple juice concentrate (if such a thing exists) for a stronger flavor. I am sorry this did not work out very well, but it was a learning experience. Thank you.

mianbao July 02, 2011

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