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Glad to see someone has posted this recipe for a delicious sweet smoky BBQd chicken with a mild lingering heat! One of my favorite ways of making barbecued chicken since I first had this about a year ago at some friends' house. I have made this recipe several times since then & keep the sauce on hand for chicken and pork (chops). I also discovered it is good for BBQd Chicken Livers (if you happen to like chicken livers... I DO)! I have submitted my version for doing chicken livers using their bbq sauce... "BBQ Chicken Livers... ala the Deen Brothers". There are MANY very good BBQ sauces to explore & so little time to do that exploring; it becomes more challenging when there are several sauces that are special REPEAT favorites! Just keep indulging at every opportunity!

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grantg January 30, 2011

This was a really good barbeque chicken, especially for someone like me that doesn't have a grill. I'll definitely make it again this summer. I did bake the chicken for almost an hour, only because I had two large thighs w/the drumstick attached and one large breast. I'll definitely make this again this summer. Thanks for the recipe.

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pgarrison12 May 09, 2009

This is quick and easy with satisfying results. I have the feeling this tastes better grilled (everything does), but it browned nicely and was succulent when oven baked. Thanks, Scoutie.

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ladyfingers December 17, 2008

I make my bbq chicken in the oven with this recipe all the time! I saw this on Paula Dean's show and had to make it! The bbq sauce is sooo good. I do normally doctor it up a bit to my tastes, like adding some onion and garlic powders, plus a little more cayenne for some spice. I love it....I dont use a 3 lb chicken. I just use about 4 chicken legs with thigh attached and it's the perfect amount for the sauce. We like ours saucey! The sauce is more of a sweet bbq sauce. VERY GOOD! On foodnetwork this is a 5 star recipe and I cant believe this doesnt have any ratings yet! You've got to try it!

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*pink* September 12, 2008
The Deen Brothers' BBQ Chicken