The Dangerous Breakfast Sandwich

READY IN: 40mins
Recipe by Joseph Smith

This sandwich is dangerous in two different ways. I'll explain as we go along here. It's really for the sunny side up egg lover. That's high in cholesterol, and it's definitly not a sandwich you would want to serve in a public restaurant. I'm 36 now, and I've been making this sandwich since I was 18. Lets begin...

Top Review by keen5

My kind of breakfast sandwich! I've been on an extremely low fat diet, but tried this last weekend because I was craving bacon, eggs and English muffins. Now, it's back to low fat and the treadmill, but I sure did enjoy it while it lasted!!!


  1. Timing is of the essence here, so be very careful at preparing this delicate sandwich.
  2. Preheat oven to 350°.
  3. Place English muffins on a cookie sheet and butter well.
  4. Just like you would be making toast.
  5. Don't place them in the oven yet.
  6. Wait till you finish with the bacon.
  7. Fry up the bacon, but do not throw out the bacon grease.
  8. OK, here we go-- place the English muffins in the oven and start the eggs.
  9. You'll want to fry your sunny side up eggs inside the bacon grease.
  10. Do not over cook the eggs.
  11. Kind of swoop a little grease on top of them to cook on top.
  12. After the English muffins are finished, place a cooked sunny side up egg on top of one muffin (the bottom one preferred).
  13. Place four slices of bacon on top of the egg, and thin a slice of cheese on top of the bacon.
  14. Cover with the the other English muffin.
  15. Carefully place on a plate.
  16. Now, serving--this is dangerous:.
  17. Once you grab a hold of this sandwich and take a bite out of it, it will POP and yolk will go all over the plate (which makes it great for dipping in).
  18. Using the bacon grease with the eggs can be dangerous, so please be careful--very greasy but enjoy!

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