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I felt as though I was going to see the Queen herself today when I made this. My guests surely felt as though they were dining with royalty. I made this earlier in the day, (I actually had the chicken cooked from a prior day) I also had put together the onion sauce last evening, so all I did while people were getting settled was whip the heavy cream. I folded the cream gently into the mayonnaise onion mixture, and added the cool chicken just tossing lightly. I made some fresh bread yesterday, and cut rounds with a biscuit cutter and piled the chicken salad atop the round bread. Oh this is delicious, FT. The taste is so smooth and very, very special. I added a little bit of apricot preserves as a side for my guests to add to the bread and chicken. Perfect, FT! Will use again, and again.

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm September 27, 2007

Made these into YUMMY sammies for Easter Sunday nibble lunch. I overcooked my chicken breasts, so I shredded them up finely and used 300ML of cream to disguise the dryness. I made and refrigerated the coronation chicken the night before, and made the sandwiches right before they were eaten, with watercress and chives mixed into the filling. They went like hotcakes!

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Very Berry April 16, 2009

WOW-this looked so unique I just had to try it and I was so happy I did-DELICIOUS!!! I served on a bed of greens w/ bread on the side. Thank you for a great recipe, French Tart! Made for the Think Pink Tag Game In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness, October 2008.

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Mrs.Jack October 29, 2008

I made this yesterday for a tea party that I had attended. I used incdeb's Apricot Jam recipe for the tablespoon that I needed for this recipe. I made profiteroles and filled them with the salad and boy, did they go fast. Luckily, I left some at home so my husband could enjoy them. This is definitely a keeper. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe.

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Picante June 17, 2008

Outstanding!!!!!!! This is the type of recipe that leaves you lacking the words to describe the experience. I wanted to get the "1950's" experience- so I used curry POWDER instead of PASTE. (If it was outstanding with POWDER - I can just imagine what this will be like with curry PASTE!) Thank you for sharing. I'm sorry it took me so long to submit the review for this - fantastic recipes like this shouldn't have to wait for a 5 star review!

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Mimi Bobeck December 01, 2007

Hello FT, I've had this recipe marked for quite a while but after a trip to London this summer where we had Coronation Chicken Salad at the Churchill War Rooms Museum and loved it, I had to make your recipe. It is sooo good and easy to make. I made it exactly as posted and will add it to my book of this year's best. Many thanks for posting.

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CaliforniaJan September 28, 2012
The Classic 1953 Coronation Chicken Salad Recipe