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Hi everyone !

I had a request from someone for a Chocolate Mousse Cake. Who to call for a fabulous recipe ? My creative Aunt Zurie of course !! Yes, she is my beloved aunt and she shared her recipe with me. What a pleasure to make this cake. In my opinion it is virtually flop-proof ! It was my first time ever making mousse as well as ganashe and I had no trouble at all.

I am proud to say that the picture that has been added recently is my actual cake ! Easy and absolutely delish !

When looking at the recipe it looks long and difficult. Not at all. Do try it. You will be glad you did ! xxx

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taniafry May 18, 2012

I am not going to rate this recipe since I am not sure where I went wrong. Taste alone, this recipe is worth 10 stars! Everything was going well. My filling turned out right without any lumps, the cakes were perfectly baked. I was very careful in slicing them in half, no mishaps there. It was at the layering stage that went down (literally). I was pouring the ganache when it fell apart! The top layer first split, cracked right in the middle and then the 2nd layer. It literally was falling apart in front of my eyes. My DD's reaction, "Oh dear!" My reaction would have been different had she not been standing there in front of me! I gathered up the two cracked layers and piled onto another plate. Well, at least I still had 2 layers intact!! And the good news is, NOTHING got binned!! I don't know where I went wrong since I followed the recipe as is. I'm sure the cakes didn't split when I was slicing them or layering them. I used instant coffee since none of us are coffee drinkers, cake flour, dutch processed cocoa powder and Lindt chocolate. I don't know if I should have reduced the baking powder? I would love to make this again even though it is time consuming than the rest of the cakes I've made so far, and it's worth the effort. I tried some this afternoon, and yes, it does taste better the next day. It's very moist and ohh so chocolatey! Definitely a slice of heaven on your plate!

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Aaliyah's&Aaron'sMum May 11, 2009

This is just a note. Maizena, as far as a know, is a brand of cornstartch--owned by Nestl? nowadays, I believe.

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MrsK July 29, 2012

Hi Zurie Thanx a million for this WONDERFUL recipe - I JUST LOVED IT !I halved this recipe & made a one layer 91/2 inch square cake - FABULOUS !It is my feeling tht may be the mistake is to use CAKE FLOUR - this turns out better with all purpose flour . THANK YOU DEAR ZURIE FOR A WNDERFUL RECIPE !

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sheeba.pillai July 24, 2009
The Chocolate Mousse Cake That Fell from Heaven