The Camellia Grill's Pecan Pie

Recipe by lkadlec

The Camellia Grill's pecan pie is justifiably famous; oodles of 'em are eaten in-house at this beloved and venerable Uptown eatery, and they say they ship pies all over the country. They used to hand out a little card with the recipe, but they don't anymore. Here's what was on the card!

Top Review by bogden95

Thank you thank you. I lost my Camellia Grill card and I've been trying to find the real recipe for a while. After I moved to New Orleans their pie was worth the wait for a seat :) And it was the closest pecan pie to the one my grandmother used to make. Not sure why people have mixed results - it's like making a custard pie so timing can vary in the cooking for many reasons. Just check for doneness and give yourself an extra 30 min in case it takes longer. Plus it's better when it is not right out of the oven. BTW at the Grill they would put it on the grill before serving to both warm it and also it makes sure there's no soft crust. Using real butter, real vanilla extract, dark instead of light brown sugar, and free range eggs if you can find (they are darker colored and add more richness). Also my grandma used half light Karo and half dark just to make it more flavorful. (I grew up thinking there was a nut called "karo" since she called this Karo Nut Pie!) My oven is futzy so I usually put a foil rim over the exposed crust toward the end of baking time. And like others posted, personally I prefer to dump the pecans in first and pour mixture over. I am transplanted to California and I noticed the pecans we get here (not local) seem more dry than the ones I would buy in the south. That might cause issues if you are putting the pecans on top if they don't have enough oil in them then they could possibly burn a bit. If that's the case just put them in before the filling and let them rise throughout the cooking - they will be more protected and also glazed at the end.

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  1. Beat eggs with a wire whisk or fork.
  2. Add salt, butter, syrup, sugar and vanilla; mix well.
  3. Pour into pastry shell; sprinkle with pecans.
  4. Bake at 350F for 45-50 minutes.

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