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These were AMAZING! I've had great burgers at restaurants before, but never felt like I pulled off a great burger at home. These are the one and only burgers I'll be making from now on!!! I did add a little worcestershire sauce, a few egg yolks and a pat of butter to each patty (the barefoot contessa way) but really, the star of the show with these burgers are the great toppings. So much better than just typical burgers. And the biggest news of all? My dad, an amazing chef, who NEVER asks for recipes of dishes I've made called today, after our Dad's day bbq and asked for the RECIPE. Unbelievable. Thanks so much for posting!

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Liza at Food.com June 16, 2008

Super burger - One of the secrets of this burger is starting with quality meat, seasoning it very simply with salt & pepper and letting the add-ons finish the flavor. I used Jalapeno Gouda instead of Swiss cheese. Then I combined the sauteed mushrooms & carmelized onions, sliced tomatoes on the side. Oven fries finished off the platter. Delicious-thanks DIScharf for some great ideas for prize burgers

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Bergy December 16, 2006

OMG, I made these tasty burgers and toppings for Mother’s Day. Definitely a two fisted burger! RAVE REVIEWS FROM EVERYONE! The only thing I did differently was to grill the burgers. I found this recipe on Food Network and was about to post it when I discovered it was already on ZAAR. Anyone who makes it will not be disappointed! Thanks for posting!

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Doc's Mom May 13, 2008

I have to say that this burger hit on all cylinders! Umami power. Combination of flavors in each layer, textures and just-slightly-different twists on traditional burgerisms. If you are going to do a run on new and unique, use this as a blueprint. Hats off to the chef from one burger meister to another.

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Kevin A. July 08, 2014

I made this recipe this weekend,what a nasty ,juicy burger ,one one the best i ever hate

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bobybaloony June 12, 2012

MEMORIAL WEEKEND 2012: This burger ROCKED!!! I made it exactly the way the recipe read and was pleased to even have all of the fresh herbs handy in my herb garden. Even though my tomatoes aren't ripe yet, the grocery store ones were tasty after they had sit for awhile in the oil and salt. My house will be smoky for the rest of the weekend but it was worth it!! Thanks for posting!!

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mammafishy May 25, 2012

My boyfriend and I agree that these are THE BEST burgers in the world. He has since requested them sevearl times since I tried them originally and you absolutely cannot fail with this recipe. I don't think that I will be making burgers any other way from now on and I have been advocating for my friends to try the recipe as well. I have to agree, the genius part of the recipe are the toppings and all of the unique flavors that they each bring. My only problem is making enough! My boyfriend will go through everything at one time dashing my hopes for leftovers at work the next day.

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marie115 August 29, 2011

This is a pretty complicated burger to make when you factor in all the toppings, but boy was it worth it! The horseradish mayo really cut through in a great way all the savory items (beef, bacon, mushrooms). I used regular ground beef (85/15) and it was delicious. Making the caramelized onions and sauteed mushrooms ahead of time, such as the day before or the morning of, will greatly expedite the process. That way, you can really take your time with the onions because low and slow is the best way to caramelize.

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Pondridge June 16, 2015

My Husband and 17 year old son kept oohing and ahhhing while eating these delicious burgers. After they had finished eating, they actually stood up and applauded. These are a keeper. Too bad brisket is soo expensive as I would make these all the time. BTW, I only used 1 tsp of horseradish as well as basil, chives and parsley for the mayo.

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Nadie57 August 11, 2014

I added mustard (american and dijon both go great wth the mayo.) and Jalapenos . i also had the burgers done on fire barbecue wich gave it a smokey taste . and i made it a double burger . a real carnivore challenge . also if you add some grated onion to the ground beef it will take away the raw meat smell if you're having it raw . but be careful they tend to get a little shape able .
Mouthwatering burgers best I ever tried !

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Shayan-G May 08, 2012
The Burger Bar - Tyler Florence