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This is absolutely the BEST loosemeat recipe EVER. The flavor was so unique. Its exactly that thing you always wonder about how its made, but can never quite get it right.... until now. :) YUM! April 2010 update: We use this recipe ALL the time. I love it!!! I cook it to impress our friends and family and it does so every single time. :) Thank you for sharing a unique, fun recipe! WE LOVE IT!!!

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chef kristin #2 April 14, 2010

Oh. My. I don't really even know where to begin! First of all, I'm Irish and married to an Irish-American from the Pacific Northwest--neither of us had ever even *heard* of a loosemeat sandwich prior to my stumbling upon this recipe. Plantfreek's description and the feedback from those who've tried the recipe made it irresistible, though, and I gave it a shot last night. I made it exactly as written (complete with cast iron skillet) and even did up a batch of Plantfreek's hamburger buns (another incredible recipe!) just to see how it was supposed to taste when done 'properly'. WOW. My husband raved as I've rarely heard him go on about any dish, and I fell in love with the sandwiches, too. As others have said, it's extremely difficult to believe that so few ingredients can combine into such rich flavours! It's supremely easy and quick, as well, and--though initially sceptical about the seasonings--I wouldn't change a thing. This will be part of our menu repertoire in perpetuity. Thanks so much for posting!

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Donna Marie B. December 18, 2009

I made these for lunch today in a cast iron skillet, and exactly as the recipe states. I don't know why people review a recipe they have changed! They were delicious, my husband and I both enjoyed these very much! My husband thought they were a little salty, I put two teaspoons in the skillet. Next time I will probably cut salt in half for his preference. I will make again!

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bethjrhea January 26, 2014

I made this for the first time tonight as I was looking for quick and easy ground beef dinners. I made it EXACTLY as the recipe was written! It was amazingly delicious. My whole family loved it. We're from southern Virginia and we don't like tomato based saucy bbq either so this was right up our alley with the vinegar and mustard. I served it with pickles and mustard and I won't change a thing the next time I make this. Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

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hargybeth November 11, 2013

Believe me, I really wanted to like this recipe, but after reading the 200+ glowing reviews, I think those reviewers must all be from Iowa. I was perplexed by some of the ingredients and cooking techniques. First, use lean ground beef and add tasteless fat, then drain off tasteless fat?? I used 80/20 ground beef and used bacon grease instead of tasteless fat. I wasn't about to buy lard for 1 untried recipe., and Crisco?? no. Those were the only changes I made. The rest of the recipe I followed exactly as written. I even simmered it, not only until all of the liquid was evaporated, but the beef crumbles were somewhat crisp, (I ate one filled bun while there was still a little liquid in the mix, and one when the meat had crisped up). When all was said and done, the only thing that I could taste was the salt. Now I have to figure out what to do with the rest of the beef,....short of throwing it out. Sorry; I wouldn't make this again, but appreciate your posting it.

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arroz241_11561377 August 26, 2013

Only time I heard of a loose-meat sandwich was on the Roseanne show. Just thought it was a Sloppy Joe...<br/><br/>Never in a million years would I have tried this recipe, except for the fact that the only thing we have to eat is 10 pounds of burger in the freezer. Soooo tired of Hamburger Helper, chili, spaghetti and meatballs, meatloaf, tacos and everything else Mexican...<br/><br/>Usually when I have 5 or more pounds of ground beef, I cook it all up and portion it for the freezer for quick meals. When I saw this recipe, I said, what the heck. Hamburger, onions... base for pretty much everything else. <br/><br/>So I started cooking up about 3 pounds following the recipe (just tripled the ingredients!) My adult son paused his video game, came out of his room thinking I was cooking up 'hamburgers' -- looked at the mess in the iron skillet, and asked, "What is this crap? Smells really good." He grabbed a spoon, took a bite, then grunted, "Good meat." Then he left the room. When I got up the next day the whole 3 pounds of meat had disappeared -- all he left was a note on the fridge to make this again! And he liked this better than burgers! (I had made the sandwiches as directed with dill pickles and mustard -- and he does not like pickles at all, but he requested that I do not change a thing!)<br/><br/>Have to admit, I had a few spoonfuls on a hot dog roll or two myself -- so he didn't eat 3 whole pounds of meat by himself.<br/><br/>We had Tavern's with, and without cheese. Unbelievable good either way!<br/><br/>Going to have to cook up the whole 10 pounds of meat next time!

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bonkersshongo April 26, 2013

I admit to making this last year, but just now getting around to reviewing it. So sorry; I just forgot I had made it.

First, I never had a loosemeat sandwich; so therefore, I had nothing to compare it to. For me, it was ground beef with a tangy mustard. Nothing special. BUT, for my friends who grew up with it ... they LOVED IT. They said, just like they grew up with - which is a good thing.

I love White Castle; and others don't like those; so, it is what one is used to growing up.

I can say, it was an easy recipe ... we did steam the buns as that was triditional; and of course the pickles. I followed it to a tee; and apparently, I did a good job - It passed true loosemeat fans. So thx for a good recipe.

I can't say, I am a fan; but, I would certainly make it for my friends who are who certainly enjoyed them.
Thx for a nice, seems to be very true recipe!

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SarasotaCook December 03, 2012

I just didn't get it. With so many great reviews I guess I had high expectations. The flavor was odd to me and not very tasty. Will not be making again.

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northcole August 02, 2011

I LOVE it! Thanks for sharing!

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idgiet July 09, 2011


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GOODCOOK1976 June 29, 2011
The Blue Mill Tavern Loosemeat Sandwich