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Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

Birds greatly benefit from fats found in meat and in plants. Some people might not realize, but birds actually have a different body composition than humans, so the fat and cholesterol that we worry about is not an issue. They have extremely high metabolisms so the fat that we worry about in our diets is MUCH needed in theirs--do the research, I did!

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  1. Combine fat, peanut butter, and "goodies" in a bowl.
  2. Mix together well.
  3. Gradually add cornmeal until the mixture becomes a stiff dough.
  4. Put a ball of this mixture in a suet "cage" feeder, on a pine cone,or an open tray feeder, just don't put it in a hopper-type feeder.


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I made this for the ducks and birds that come to the backyard every morning and evening. At first, they were a little stand-of-ish, but eventually their curiosity got the best of them. Of course the weather here has been awfully hot so it didn’t hold its form (little balls) very long. The squirrels had a good time though. Come cooler weather, I'll make some more – maybe roll pinecones in it and hang them from the tree branches.

The Thorn of Hudson, FL August 15, 2007

I have'nt made this yet but I certainly will,I have lots of birds visiting my birdfeeders all year long,I always keep my feeders full with seeds and such but save the bird suet or fats just for winter,this recipe looks perfectly healthy for birds anywhere/anytime but expecially in the winter they need all the extra help they can get,all of the goodies in this recipe ie,,the rasins,seeds,nuts & fat will help them survive the food barron winter,, the fat or suet helps provide the much needed energy, nourishment and body fat to help keep them warm in these fridged temps where food is hard to come by. As far as the concern about the birds cholosterol count with the 1/2 cup of bacon fat,,I imagine it could be a worry if one bird ate the whole recipe by him or her self but otherwise I wouldnt worry a bit but I am very glad to see that there are people that do show such concern about all animals big and small,furry or feathered, domesticated or wild!!! They bring such wonder,beauty entertaiment and unconditional love into our lives as well as providing a very vital and necessary function on this earth in many many ways! Debbie :)

Debbie #5 December 10, 2005

I made a double batch of this. DH and the dogs and I ate the bacon and I had just over a cup of fat. With peanut butter, rasins and scratch I had a pot of just over 2 cups. I put it on a styrofoam tray with scratch on the bottom and covered it with scratch. I molded it in a log and decorated it with somw paesley sprigs. The chickens loved it! This caused so much comment! You made some happy chickens this afternoon, Gingerkitten. I've given them one or two of the ingredents at a time, but it never occured to me to make them a "cake". Thank you. Our chickens sleep in a tree in the front yard even though they have a coop (heated) and a barn. They need all the calories they can get.

Countrywife December 08, 2005

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