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I've been using this recipe from 'Divas Can Cook' for a couple years now. It always comes out AMAZING if and only if you follow the recipe exact. And don't over cook. One thing I don't see on this posting is the 1/2 cup of coffee. Any kind of coffee, no sugar or cream of course. From experience, let the coffee cool prior to adding it to the bowl. Also, the original recipe calls for something like 3 oz of food coloring. That is ridiculous. I put a few drops and my color is beautiful. Don't over color your cake, especially if this is going to be a gift. I made this cake once with the recommended amount of food coloring from the original website and everyone who ate it had red poo. Not exactly something you want to be known for. Seriously! that was embarassing. I have no idea why someone would suggest that much. Anyways, i am very greatful to lolablitz for posting this recipe because i had a hard time finding the nutrition facts for this cake and now i have them. This is seriously the best red velvet i've ever had.

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brookeaedwards January 29, 2013

came out oily, (besides you can't or shouldn't post another person's recipe) that's up to them to do

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msantsservices January 27, 2013
The BEST Red Velvet Cake from Divas Can Cook