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Just made these, they're great. I got kisses and thank you's!
I'm trying to incorporate coconut oil into my husband's diet so I used 3 T melted organic extra virgin coconut oil instead of butter. The coconut oil adds nice, subtle flavor to the taste. Served with butter and maple syrup, nobody noticed the difference. Taking cues from other reviews, I increased the sugar to 3 T & added 1-1/2 tsp vanilla extract 1/2 tsp lemon extract. The griddle does NOT need to be higher than medium, in fact, a bit lower. Since the batter is so thick and fluffy, the cakes take longer than standard pancakes to cook through before they're ready to turn, and the first batch I made were too dark. Turned off the heat, wiped the pan, started over at setting 4.5 (5 being Medium), and the rest were beautful.

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annwhal February 18, 2013

Perfection! Thank you for the tip on dipping fruit in flour before adding to pancake/brilliant! Light and fluffy and Delicious. Will never make another pancake recipe but this one. Then leftover pancakes are frozen and put in toaster for quick morning meal. Yea, I don't have to search for the ultimate pancake recipe anymore.

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Chef LeeB August 13, 2016

Amazing! Best pancakes for sure. They are fluffy, cloud-like, and delicious. It's the first recipe I've tried where the pancakes are fluffy and cooked all the way through. I have been searching for a buttermilk pancake recipe I'd care to make more than once, and this is it. I like the mild flavor as is, but it's also good with chocolate chips or blueberries or any other add-ins you'd normally toss in a pancake.

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yellow_apple30 July 24, 2010

ok, so I tried the 66241 pancake recipe by Nimz, and thought those were delicious. In a quest for good recipes I decided to try this one too. Both recipes are outstanding...but alas there are problems....Nimz pancakes taste better than these. BUT these pancakes are much much fluffier. These pancakes are like heaven, but are actually rather bland. I learned a lesson though to not always listen to your peers. Do not use 1 tsp. of salt!!! Use 1/2!! Even my mom tasted too much salt, and she didn't know I added more. I don't really taste salt, nor really like it...so it didn't make a difference to me. I think this needs a little bit more sugar, and some vanilla extract (2 tsp. would be good). While cooking they browned perfectly though, and usually it's a little hard for me to flip pancakes but these were really easy to flip. I've never had that before! Nevertheless....these pancakes need *something* although I'm not sure what. Oh yeah, and this recipe made 12 medium pancakes for me (since I bet people are wondering)

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Cookin' Swimmer August 27, 2009

I am (by my own account) a pancake connoisseur. Plain buttermilk pancakes are my favorite food on Earth. I try them at every restaurant I can. I believe the Original Pancake House (not IHOP) makes the best in the world and I have been trying to duplicate the unique flavor in their recipe for years to no avail. <br/><br/>I do make pretty good pancakes however, but this recipe took my pancakes over the top.<br/>I followed the directions to the letter then added my own special ingredient at the end and I couldn't believe how close I came to the Original Pancake House.<br/><br/>That aside, this is the best buttermilk pancake recipe I have come across. They are the fluffiest, lightest and tastiest of all the recipes I have tried, and I have tried a lot.

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Buttermilk Pancakes February 09, 2015

I've been making been making these pancakes for the last few weeks and I just love how fluffy and thick they are. So good! This morning I decided to make them for breakfast and I completely forgot to add the butter! Just spaced it completely. I was a little worried about how they would turn out but decided to go ahead and make them, hoping for the best. They were wonderful. I couldn't even tell a difference. So, if you are looking to cut a little fat, feel free to leave the butter out!

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aquina3 May 26, 2013

It was okay. Followed the recipe exactly and expected a fluffy pancake, but turned out kinda flat. For all the work involved, I'll try another recipe instead

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swein563 March 10, 2013

Awesome recipe! I think whipping up the meringue and folding it is really the secret!! I subbed whole wheat flour, coconut oil and added about 2 tsp Madagascar vanilla. Super fluffy and gorgeous - even though they're whole wheat! Served with maple syrup, Greek yogurt, berries and bacon. Snow day breakfast of champions!!!

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Olgaaglo March 06, 2013

My daughter works for a restaurant. She said these are way better than what they make. Forget the boxed stuff this is way better and simple. The 20 minute wait was just enough to clean up and heat the pan :)

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VKuuipo Bridges July 15, 2012

These literally are THE best pancakes ever!!! I have tried so many recipes but this one is the best. The only change that I make is I add 2 tbsp of sugar and a splash of vanilla. If you try these you will not be disappointed!!!

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Tara_MP June 23, 2012
The Best (No Kidding) Buttermilk Pancakes