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WELL. Let me start by saying I actually don't enjoy baking. But I do it every so often because stuff always comes out wonderful. I didn't have cake flour on hand but made this with regular AP flour with tremendous success. Wow, this cake is awesome!! I made your Vanilla Almond Glaze to pour over the top. Everybody loves this...the texture is soo nice & rich & moist. thank you for sharing this recipe! made for PAC spring '11.

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Elmotoo March 11, 2011

I made this delicious cake last week for the first time- this is a knee-buckling keeper!! It actually tasted better the next day. I used your Vanilla Almond Glaze as well and I saved a little just to drizzle extra on a slice. Thank you for sharing such a delicious cake. One thing I would do different, use a tube pan. I think you get a more crunchier topping with a tube vs bundt pan.

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dollLover April 01, 2012

I have no other way of explaining this recipe other than "utterly fantastic". I followed all instructions and bake time was perfect not a minute more or less. It came out perfect. I followed the instructions for the glaze and couldn't be more happy that it came out so well. I am not a baker, I hate to measure but this right here, wowsers. I have told alllllll of my Facebook friends about it and reposted it and the glaze. You should be slapped this is soooooo good!

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Tiffany L. March 09, 2016

Thank you for posting this wonderful recipe. I made this crunch cake with almond glaze and it taste delicious, very moist. Although I sifted (all purpose flour). I posted pics...

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kimbcares January 14, 2015

This cake is very moist and delicious. I'm very glad I found it. Easy to make and bake. I used my tube pan ( my angel food cake pan) and it worked very well. <br/>Again, thank you for sharing. In my oven, the cake baked for 65 minutes.

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moninasnaylor@gmail.com May 30, 2014

I rarely have luck with cakes, some in part to living at high altitude, some just because it's me. But this cake turned out fantastic and it is de-lish!!! Yum to the yum! Will be making it again!

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Kim S. May 26, 2014

Really good cake recipe. Loved the texture, but it had a little too much egg flavor for me. My cake was overdone at 50 mins., it may have been my pan. Loved your almond glaze recipe, it really made this cake shine! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

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Lucky in Bayview December 05, 2013

I baked this FANTASTIC cake and it was great!!! While I was mixing I was on the phone with my son who is stationed in Spain. I placed the Bundt pan in the oven, and after 5 mins or so I remembered I forgot to add the coconut!!! I am a great fixer person when it comes to cakes so when the cake was baked & cooled, I put on about 1/3 of the Almond glaze, then sprinkled a layer of shred coconut on top of glazed then added the remainder of the glaze. This was so great I can't stop eating it. I will share the cake with my husband coworkers so I can bake another one tomorrow!!. The Almond glaze ( topping) I used whole milk instead of evaporated milk and it came out perfect!!! <br/>Landa

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Landa November 21, 2013

Ladies, this truly The Best Louisiana Crunch Cake Ever! It turned out perfectly. I'll never buy another one from Kroger's bakery again. It was easy to make and your instructions and tips were great. I'll be using the glaze recipe on any cake that calls for a glaze. I think the evaporated milk is the key to making this the best powdered sugar glaze I have ever found. Thanks for posting it! I'll be making it often and this will be one I make for bake sales and pot luck dinners also. I'll also be trying recipes from your website too!

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RecklessGeeGee October 25, 2013

I watched the Twins' video on Youtube several times before baking this cake. I wasn't sure how well my cake was going to be but to my surprise it was GREAT! The texture of the cake was moist and the flavor (I used 1 tsp vanilla and 1 tsp almond extract) was on point. In my opinion, the Vanilla Almond Glaze is what really pushes this cake over the top. It is the BOMB!!!!! I halved the glaze recipe and it covered the cake just how I like it. I took the cake to work the next day and it was gone in a matter of minutes. This cake will DEFINITELY be one of my go-to recipes for many gatherings to come. I'd like to thank these young ladies for sharing their recipe for this SCRUMPTIOUSLY DIVINE cake.

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fwms1968 September 07, 2013
The Best Louisiana Crunch Cake Ever