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This recipe is excellent. I have made it several times. Helpful tips: 1- Instead of using the stovetop, you can just microwave the butter and seasonings for 1 minute or less in a pyrex measuring cup, then stir well and pour in the sandwiches. 2-You can use any meat and cheese you like and they will still be amazing. My family loves mozzarella and uncured ham. (My hubby loves fried hot dogs and even pepperoni on his, believe it or not.) Feel free to get creative! (Next I am going to try a breakfast version of this sandwich...) 3-There is truly no need to marinate any time at all. I have done it both ways and can't tell a difference. 4- I prefer the Hawaiian sub rolls in a larger pan. (Don't cram too many in one pan or they are less crispy.) Also, make sure to pour a little sauce on the already made bottoms before you add the tops. Then pour most of it on the tops, rubbing it into the bread with the fork you used to stir the sauce. Amazing every time!

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merrykcollins November 15, 2013

I have made these a few times ... not this recipe, but from another site, however I saw a post thread on this so I thought I would write a review because it is helpful.

This is the same recipe, but a few helpful notes.

Honey baked ham is too sweet for me. A good baked if best
Thin sliced, not thick and about 1 1/2 lbs is plenty, 2 lbs was too much IMO
Swiss, use good swiss. Just get some slices from the deli
Hawaiian rolls are best to use for this
If you think they are too greasy, before you reheat them, put them on a cooking rack on a pan and heat them up that way. The sauce the rolls were in a still heated up and served as a dip. This way the bottoms crisped up a bit and not as greasy, but you still had the butter which you could use as a dip or just drizzle over the top or just discard. I personally just discarded. Most of it was absorbed anyways.

Just a couple of thoughts. The flavor was great, and wonderful snack food.
After they sit all night, right before you reheat ... remove the rolls from the pan and put on a

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SarasotaCook July 16, 2011

Very yummy! I couldn't find the Hawaii style rolls, so I just used a small roll from the bakery...I don't think it matters that much what kind of bread. Otherwise made as directed, even managed to marinate them overnight. These are super good! Thanks for sharing.

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armymomx2 February 02, 2011

These were tasty, but greasy. I also can not see how in the world you could use 2 lbs of ham on these? One pound piled them high! I'm sorry that I had bought $12.00 worth of ham, that I did not need.

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Koechin (Chef) July 12, 2009

I also tried this using roast beef, and substituting cheddar for the Swiss cheese. They came out great that way too!

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Steve P. September 22, 2013

I don't cook a lot and needed something to take to a potluck dinner. I always found the Hawaiian roles a little sweet so was reluctant to try them with this recipe. They turned out wonderfully. They were hit of potluck and they were all gone in no time. Recipe very easy and quick. I used Virginia ham and put 2 slices on each mini sub and then 1/2 slice of packaged swiss cheese. I cut each mini sub in half because they seemed a little large. (people like to load up their plates and women like me like smaller portions.). Mine did not get greasy but I did have a little sauce left but thought there was enough on the subs as they were. Just use your judgement. Oh, and I made them 1 hour before so they didn't sit overnight. Watch so tops don't burn. Definitely will try again. Good with ketchup too!

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gypsy31 August 18, 2013

Lordy, these are good. I cut the recipe in half for dinner for our family of four. ( along with a salad). I had to leave the poppy seeds out, because they were almost five dollars for a tiny container, but otherwise I followed the recipe exactly. YUM. I could eat twenty of these!

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Retro Kali April 30, 2013

huge family favorite Never any left Kids, grandkids love these. Use the microwave to melt butter. Make extra!!

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Alayane January 03, 2016

I made this a while ago and forgot to review it. They were great. I've made similar recipes that call for brown sugar mixed with the mustard glaze and didn't like the overly sweet quality. This recipe was perfectly balanced. Will certainly make again.

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PsychRN November 27, 2015

Excellent,fast & easy. I used onion powder and Tavern ham. I generally leave out the poppy seeds when taking to work but at home this gets made as posted.

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dmac085 June 20, 2015
The Best Ham Sandwiches Ever