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Prep 15 mins
Cook 0 mins

My mother made this once but it had raisins (I don't like raisins) So I took her Fruit Salad, experimented with it for awhile, and then I had THE BEST Fruit Salad EVER! Very easy to make and my favorite way to eat fruit :D

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  1. Chop all fruit into bite sized pieces. You CAN cut the grapes and cherries, but I usually do not.
  2. Throw all the fruit into a very large bowl and add cool whip, yogurt, marshmallows.
  3. Add powdered sugar, cinnamon, and honey.
  4. I usually freeze this, but tastes good in the refrigerator, too! Although, fruit doesn't keep as long in refrigerator, and the freezy treat is tastier to me :D.
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This was ok - my husband liked it more than I did. I ended up removing all the marshmallows in my bowl and should have cut way back on the cinnamon. (Used Penzey's and was not used to the fantastic quality of their cinnamon, so I'd overdone it.) Still searching for that ever-elusive perfect fruit salad for my picky tastebuds, but thank you for posting, Dolphin!

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Took me a while to find a cantaloupe that was good enough to use this time of year, but the grapes & strawberries weren't any problem although a handful of months from now, more locally grown berries will be at their peak of flavor! Still, your recipe made a great-tasting salad (actually more of a dessert, I like to think) what with the sweetened yogurt & cool whip dressing! I did, however, cut way back on the amount of marshmallows (using probably not more than half the amount indicated)! Thanks, much, for a very nice fruit dessert! [Made & reviewed in New Kids on the Block tag]