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Prep 5 mins
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This dressing will have you licking your plates clean, it's that good and better than any bottled! this is best if made a few hours ahead to blend the flavors or make a day ahead --- for creamy French dressing add in the mayonnaise and for creamy blue cheese French dressing add in 1/4 cup or more of crumbled blue cheese --- all amounts may be adjusted to taste

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  1. In a large food processor blend all ingredients together until smooth (starting with 1/2 teaspoon garlic salt and 1/2 cup sugar and add in more to taste after mixing.
  2. Do not attempt to make this in a small 4-cup blender or you will have the dressing all over your counter!
  3. Mix in the mayonnaise (if using) for a creamy-style French dressing.
  4. Place in the fridge for a couple of hours before serving.
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This has a wonderful taste. I do feel that it has too much oil in it, but maybe it is the type of oil I used that made the difference. I used a canola oil, but would take direction for another. This makes alot so I don't have to make another salad dressing for awhile. I will make this again as it was very easy to make and taste very good on a green salad. It didn't have me licking the plate but I certainly made sure that ALL the dressing was sopped up. Thank you for posting Carol.

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This is the best dressing for taco salad. I did not change a thing. I always get requests for the recipe

Because of the mayo; i reduced the oil by more than half. it's really unnecessary as it's usual purpose in the dressing is as a binding-agent and the mayo and ketchup sufficiently do that on their own