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I am so excited to try this recipe; thank you sharing it. Plus I found the video that Good Housekeeping posted on their site . Again, thank you Dee for listing the ingredients and directions!

Sharon Anne

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Sharon Anne November 20, 2010

I have been making gravy for over 30 years....this is the best I have ever had! My family thought so to! And easy! I ran out of gravy the day after thanksgiving, and found this recipe. The only thing I altered was the turkey wings (our was already cooked)I cut up some dark meat instead....Our dressing with this gravy was better than Thanksgiving! Whooohooo! We are BBQing a TriTip tonight, off to try and alter it for beef. Thanks soooooo much! this is a keeper!

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Big Sis April 11, 2010

I gave it four stars because the taste was good. Some how I really blew the recipe. After it sat for a day it turned into gelatin. I have never been good at making gravy and this just proves it. I used chicken wings because I couldn't find turkey wings. Thanks for sharing.

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Lighthouse Rita December 08, 2009

WOW....thanks. I made this the day before thanksgiving as a gravy base since i was both oven roasting AND smoking turkeys for T-Day. Since the smoked turkeys give nothing for gravy, I added this and a can of cream of mushroom soup to the oven roasted turkeys drippings. (My MIL always just added flour, Cr. of Mushroom and water to the drippings to make the gravy) Yeah, I am finally one up on her.!!! My sister acutally asked me what I did different this year, as "it was really good" This is the first time in the 13 years I have been hosting T-day that someone has commented on the gravy. This is a keeper...Thanks

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Princess Flowerbreath November 30, 2009

Bought turkey necks since that was all that was available. Cooked this while the turkey was cooking. There wasn't any fat to skim off so I used butter when making the roux. It turned out delicious. It wasn't very thick so I added flour & water premixed by shaking in a jar to gravy. When I added the drippings from the turkey it was thin again so I added more flour and water. It was still a bit thinner than what I would have hoped for but it wasn't super runny. The taste was amazing. The spices in the turkey drippings from the "Roast Turkey" recipe by Alan from this site complimented it perfectly.

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mybirdzone November 28, 2009

I read all of the reviews of this recipe and decided to use it for a Birthday Turkey dinner that I am making this weekend for my husband's birthday. I usually have homemade turkey stock in the freezer, but found that I was running low (that's another reason to have a turkey dinner..to make more stock!) Anyway, I usually make stock with the whole carcass, but went with the turkey wings. I threw the 4 wings, 2 carrots unpeeled but with the tops trimmed off, the 2 celery, the 2 onions cut in wedges with the skins on, and several cloves of garlic. I put everything in a roaster with enough water to generously cover. Then I roasted it at 300 degrees all day. I took it out broke up the veggies and meat alittle. Allowed it to cool then put it in the fridge, roaster and all. I had things to do the next day so I just let it sit in the fridge "coolin' its wings." The following day, I returned it to the oven at 300 degrees added water as needed and cooked all day again. I then removed the veggies, meat, bones and bay leaves. I found that they didn't have much flavor left and I was too afraid of giving the dog the scraps because of the shards of bones, so I just threw the "Remains" out. I allowed it to cool and skim the top of some (not all) the fat. then ran it through a fine strainer ( you could use a cheesecloth, but I didn't have one). I then laddled it into plastic tubs to make 2 cup servings each. Into the freezer they went. I ended up with 14 cups of stock. When I made this recipe, I used 4 cups stock, 1/2 cup dry Sherry (didn't have Chardonney), 1/4 tsp. of Thyme, cracked pepper, and a little grey sea salt. Instead of flour, I used 4 TBSP of corn starch shaken in a jelly jar with 4 TBSP of cold water. Cooked until thicken. I estimate that it made 3 cups of gravy.I will have to post how it tasted after our dinner (I am alittle bias, so I will let you know what my picky in-laws think), but for now here's a picture. My gravy appears darker than the other pictures. That may be due to the fact that I roasted the stock longer.

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Marianne5 March 09, 2009

This ended up being a real lifesaver for me while trying to get my holiday dinner together. I made this up ahead of time, so I just had to stick it in the microwave a few minutes before serving time. It was great and I will be using it from now on!

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KitchenWitchWay February 15, 2009

Great recipe. Flavorable and so tasty. I loved having the gravy already made in advance--it was just one less thing to have to do right before the meal, and took the stress out of making the "perfect gravy"--it was already done! I used turkey necks instead of wings (was slightly cheaper), and it turned out wonderfully.

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Shirley SP December 28, 2008

This was so easy and so tasty. I will never go back to powdered gravy. It is nearly impossible to get turkey wings on their own in Brisbane, so I used 1.5 kg of chicken wings. I made ahead of time & froze. It took all the stress out of Christmas lunch by being able to re-heat and serve. The family all enjoyed and there was heaps so no one missed out. Thank you Dee!!!

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Catherine Robson December 26, 2008

I'll be honest, I always get my gravy out of a jar or mix :( But thought it was time to make my own and I LOVED this recipe. So very tasty! I really didn't think it was that much work and so worth it!

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LivesForHim November 30, 2008
The Best (Do-Ahead) Turkey Gravy