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I printed this recipe at Thanskgiving time and misplaced it, so I came back to Zarr today just to get it again, so I can make it again for Christmas dinner. Since deep frying turkey at Thanksgiving has become a rather new tradition in our home, making a good gravy without the drippings from a roast turkey had become a challenge. Until I found this recipe!! Thank you, thank you, thank you Dee!!! It's simply delicious! I didn't change a thing and it's great to be able to make this the day before! This gravy will become a tradition along with the deep fried turkey. And Dee514 will forever be known as my gravy HERO!

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~*~Gold Medal Flower~*~ December 15, 2002

I found this gravy to be very easy to make except I only got approximately 3 1/2 cups and had to make more.This is a great do ahead gravy for turkey especially at Christmas when there just isn't enough time.

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Carmen B. December 24, 2002

This was so good! My SIL especially couldn't stop raving about it and asked for some of the leftovers! (We had 15 for dinner and had plenty left!) This was easy to make though definitely time consuming. The only thing I did different was use a sweet wine and it didn't seem to cause any problems. I'll be making a double batch next time just to freeze and have on hand! Thanks for sharing!

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D. Duckie November 29, 2010

I'll be honest - I'm 57 and am gravy-making impared - jarred gravy was better than mine. ;) Gave this a whirl & my husband said it was the best ever (great compliment as both our late mothers were fabulous cooks). I also had the problem of reduction after simmering, but supplemented it with some commercial roasted chicken broth while whisking into the desired consistancy. As we brine & rotissiere our turkey, removing the (usually) unwanted wings ahead of time worked well. Froze a small portion of leftover gravy - will be interested to see how it thaws/reheats. THANK YOU, DEE!

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DeniseMB November 26, 2010

This recipe makes a delicious gravy with the convenience of being able to make gravy ahead of time. I added the neck and giblets to the broth and simmered everything for about an hour. The gravy was frozen until the day of the dinner. Update Dec/09: This year I made this using 2 lbs of neck pieces. The resulting gravy was wonderful.

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Dreamer in Ontario December 26, 2009

i just tried this over thanksgiving and it was wonderful! fresh thyme instead of dried and all homemade chicken stock instead of the wine. it was great, and so nice not to worry about the gravy at the last minute! thanks for posting

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A.S.K. December 04, 2009

This is wonderful gravy for people who have time constraint issues and very small kitchens (me!). I originally came in here to post this and found that Dee had already, considerately, posted it so now I'm doing a review. This is the second year I'm using this recipe for Thanksgiving gravy and, boy does it save my life on THE DAY. I do this pretty much as posted except that I slash the turkey wings 2-3 times on each piece in order to get more of the full essence of the turkey flavor. Also, I use my own homemade chicken broth, rather than canned. When I roast the turkey on THE DAY, I degrease the pan drippings and add them to the gravy while reheating in the microwave. I save (freeze) the neck and giblets from the turkey to use for my next batch of broth. My guests are very impressed with my gravy and nobody guesses it was made two weeks before Thanksgiving, frozen and then reheated :) Thanks Dee!

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Hey Jude November 16, 2003

excellent make ahead gravy. wonderful flavor and i warmed it up in the crockpot saving me stove space and any fussing on tgving day. it saved me a couple hours in the kitchen on tgiving day. i tripled the recipe as i was feeding nearly 30. i used four big turkey drumsticks as the store was out of wings. the only adjustment i had to make was to increase the flour. i have always used a one to one ratio of fat/butter to flour. i was teaching my future daughter in law how to make gravy so she did the fat/flour stirring and bubbling, then stirred in the broth to thicken. after a long time stirring, but still not thick, i showed her how to add cornstarch (blended into warm water in a cup first). at the end, i told her how to add a bit of soy sauce to darken the color (but to taste and be sure it wasn't too salty). i had to convince my hubby to let me use the nice chardonnay! this is the gravy recipe i will use from now on. thanks!!

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patticakes #3 December 02, 2008

OUTSTANDING!! DH wanted gravy & mashed potatoes on the menu for Christmas dinner, however, the problem is we always deep fry our turkeys. I decided to try this recipe and I have to admit we were both a little skeptical as to how it would taste. We were both blown away at the flavor. I browned my wings VERY WELL and then I browned my vegetables just as much. I didn't have any fat to skim off so I just made a roux with 1/4 cup of flour and 1/4 cup of oil. Since we're from South Louisiana and like our roux dark I cooked the roux more than golden, but not real dark, however, I think it added more flavor. We didn't discard the meat from the wings either. DH removed the meat from the bones and we added some to the gravy. In fact, we like this so much we are going to make a meal out of this and serve the gravy over the cooked wings. Thanks for posting such a great recipe, Dee!

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Luby Luby Luby December 26, 2007

Excellent recipe! It is delicious, easy to make and saved so much time on Thanksgiving day. I tripled the recipe and added juice & drippings from the turkey when I reheated it. I will never stress about making gravy again!

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kaschena November 27, 2015
The Best (Do-Ahead) Turkey Gravy