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Barbecue chicken is a favorite at my house and this recipe was excellent! The chicken was packed with flavors from grilling along with the herbs and other ingredients. It came out so tender and juicy that we were licking our fingers while eating it! This really is darn good! Thanks for sharing!

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MeganMuffins August 22, 2008

I just finished putting together *The Best Darn Way to Barbecue Chicken* and it lives up to it's name. I was scouting out some recipes that were different for grilled chicken; that had all the components that we dearly love, (using fresh herbs from the garden) and making a spectacular taste. This is it! I followed this to the *T* ~ except I cut down on the margarine to one stick, and added a bit (1 tablespoon) of homemade tomato sauce to the baste. Wowsiers! This is great! I was able to walk away from the grill for a bit, by putting the pieces (after browning them) into the middle of our gas grill, with the flames on either side, (middle part turned off) thus producing very succulent chicken pieces and no burned edges. Terrific Ridgely, and thanks!

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm August 03, 2008
The Best Darn Way to Barbecue Chicken