The Best Chicken Wings in the World!!!

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READY IN: 1hr 40mins
Recipe by free2bfoods

My son Matthew brings these 3X a week to school. He has an allergy to peanut, potato, apple, and slightly to wheat. These have none of these in them so they are somewhat allergy free. Most wings are either rubbery(i.e..not cooked enough for my taste..or just not flavorful enough) Matthew has had several friends over who are extremely picky eaters. They all tried these and "loved" them. Their moms were shocked that I could feed them something such as this and they actually enjoyed doing so! I'd love some feedback as to how you liked my recipe if any of you have the time. Thanks!

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  1. pre-heat oven to 400.
  2. cook chicken for one hour w/out anything on it (I use a broiler pan so the fat drips off) -- or you can use a cookie sheet.
  3. After one hour take them out to cool completely(drain the fat that was in the pan or cookie sheet).
  4. after they have cooled -- melt the butter on medium heat in a large pan or pot(wings will be put in this mixture).
  5. stir in spices and brown sugar.
  6. add the wings and stir them around until they are completely coated.
  7. cook the wings once again on the middle rack on low "broil".about 10 minutes or as longs as you like them depending on the crispness you desire.
  8. turn all wings over w/tongs and cook the other side to desired doneness(keep an eye on them).
  9. *if using frozen wings -- follow exact directions.except when you get to the broiling will take quite a bit longer(I cook them about 20-30 minute per side!).
  10. These wings are sweet and have a nice flavor w/out being too hot or bland.
  11. *If you have a large gatherring.these can be made ahead of time(just double or triple the recipe).
  12. -prepare the wings ahead of time then freeze them:.
  13. -pre heat oven to 350 and cook them right from the frozen state for 20-30 min per side.
  14. - or let them thaw out and reheat to your liking @350 for a party to save you the hassle of trying to do too much on the day of.
  15. Hope you like them. We never tire of them. I am not a real meat eater but, I do enjoy these no matter how often they are made!

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