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Can you say addicted??? Delicious as it is, but I substitued 1 can of red enchilada sauce for the tomato sauce and liked it even better. I am a tortilla soup connoisseur and this recipe way surpassed my expectations. Also fed it to my picky boyfriend and he went back for 2nds and 3rds.

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jlowe1964 April 25, 2010

This is the closest I've found to what we miss in San Antonio. I followed the recipe exactly, including the chipolte Tabasco sauce, (minus the optional chipolte pepper). Don't forget the cilantro!

I also cut flour tortillas into strips using a pizza slicer and fry them instead of using tortilla chips from a bag. It makes a HUGE difference.

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Debikay22 June 13, 2011

This was good. I enjoy the taste, but next time I will cut out the tomato products. I find that I prefer a brothy soup rather than a tomato soup (even though I love tomatoes!), which is something I didn't realize until I made it.

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Kat Renee August 16, 2011

Very good recipe - although I had to make some changes based on availability and making the recipe easier. Normally I follow recipes to a "T", but the absurd high price of tomatoes (3x what they were a few weeks ago - no kidding) caused me alter the recipe slightly.

Instead of the 15oz can of diced tomatoes, 3-4 tomatoes (diced), and 2 anaheim peppers, I used a 28oz can of diced tomatoes, 1 can of Rotel, and 1 can of diced green chilies. It was cheaper and I think it stayed within the parameters of what the recipe tried to accomplish.

The soup was very good, and with no added fat pretty healthy to boot. Using the rotisserie chicken is a great idea, as you can usually find them for $5 - $6 around here - which is about what you'd pay for a whole frozen chicken. Plus you'll probably have some extra chicken meat left over to boot!

I may try the black beans in the soup next time as well like some other reviewers have suggested. This is definitely a keeper though.

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Zhukov May 03, 2011

The name "The Best" is spot on! I thought I'd have trouble finding Anaheim peppers cuz I'd never heard of them - nope - easy to find! This soup is VERY easy to make but the flavor is complex so it tastes as though you've been slaving away in the kitchen all day. I made it exactly as the recipe specified - absolutely delightful!

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stornowaycollie December 26, 2010

To save time I used whole boneless, skinless, frozen chicken breasts and increased the cook time. About an hour before it was finished I took the chicken breasts out and shredded them and returned them to the pot. I also added a can of corn (drained) and a can of white beans (drained). We loved it!

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WW Girl December 27, 2010

My family absolutely loves this soup. They are begging me to make it once a week and I'm happy to oblige! We add 2 cans of corn and 2 cans of black beans (both undrained) which makes for a perfect broth. Otherwise we follow the recipe exactly.

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catfankim November 07, 2011

Made this last night and everyone loved it! I cooked it all day on low instead of 5-6 hours on high since I was at work. I am not a fan of spicy food, but everyone else is, so we compromised and left out the jalapenos. We still found it spicy, but not too spicy for me. I will be making it again since my husband said it was his favorite soup ever!

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LoriL April 08, 2011

I'm allergic to tomatoes, but my DH loved it. Insted of anaheim chilies and 3-4 tomatoes, I used 2 cans of rotel. I also used chipotle bouillon. This was my first time making tortilla soup and I will definately make it again with this recipe. Thanks.

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Honeym May 25, 2010

Absolutely wonderful!!! The ingredients for garnishing stated in the recipe are crucial, making a delightful topping to go with the savory soup. Followed the recipe exactly except that I used a couple drops of Ghost Pepper sauce instead of Tabasco. It was a very nice kick! Will make it again for sure!

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SharonChen January 24, 2014
The Best Chicken Tortilla Soup