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Still facing leftover turkey? The answer. I just substitued cooked turkey for the raw chicken. Because I had cooked rice, I cut the milk to a cup and the broth to a 14 ounce (one can - normally I make my own but we had a little straining disorder . . . ) This was grrrrreat. Some unusual things but everything was perfect. Rather than the seasoning salt and cayenne, I substituted Tony Chachere's seasoning. Gotta be better than equal, for true. Yes, I am 1/8 Cajun and was raised about 60 percent culturally Cajun. It's my maternal line back to my great-grandmother, and they were all Cajun/Acadian/French before that except for the Melansons, who have a bit of Scotch thrown in. The people, not the whisky. I always use the liquids from - for example, the green beans, in the sauce. Some mushrooms - even canned - horrors! Well, that wouldn't be a bad addition. I used sharp cheddar cheese. I had some fresh parsley and green onions, which I added. I press my garlic and let it sit for at least 15 minutes before I add it to a dish. I even screwed up the flour - I forgot it and put it in quickly after all the other stuff was in there except the green beans. But I got the lumps out and no one was the wiser. This is truly fabulous.

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christina.mirabilis December 03, 2009

This was really good, thanks for sharing. It was a cross between chicken soup & chicken pot pie. I added peas instead of green beans and next time may add corn as well. I used one can of cream of chicken soup and 2% milk instead of whole. I think this would be just as good without the cheese, maybe with just a little bit on the top with the breadcrumbs. Really great, my husband loved it. Definitely a filling meal.

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stargreek04 February 17, 2010

This was so good I will.make it again I used peas instead of green beans but that's because that was what I had in the freezer. This is a comforting food. My family wanted seconds you won't go wrong with this recipe.

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Melodye M. May 08, 2015

forgot to rate this OMG recipe. My sons new to die for. I dont add the green beans,don't have fresh. The crumb topping YUMMM Great for breakfast,lunch dinner or straifgt from frig. Thanks for posting. Love Cooks Illustrated

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loliver449 September 18, 2010

Very good. You're pretty much making your own "cream of.." soup in the beginning of this recipe. It's do worth it though. My husband and Daughter loved it. A+

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kkirk70 December 27, 2015

This is very, very delicious! I used chopped up cooked chicken versus raw, I used double the celery and carrots, used Panko versus plain bread crumbs and Le Seur peas versus green beans. Otherwise, I followed the recipe exactly. I was skeptical about adding chili powder, but did not notice it after all and assume it added to the flavor unobtrusively. I thought the amount of garlic powder in the crumb topping might be a typo and too much, but did it anyway and it was not overpowering. I did get it made a tad sooner than I planned to serve it so I just put it in the oven at 250 degrees versus the 400 and it was perfect. Will definitely make this again and again.

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jjlgrammie July 06, 2015

This is a great recipe which is flexible. We love veggies here so I trippled the veggies & just compensated by making extra sauce. I also used brown rice & substituted Ancient Grains Croutons which I crushed for the bread crumbs so my dish also was gluten free. This seasoning combo is fantastic. I split the recipe into 2 8 x 8 dishes & froze the 2nd one which we had for dinner tonight. My husband & I both loved it! Just a heads up however; if you use brown rice you will have to cook it in the fluids longer before putting in your casserole dish than the 20 min given in the recipe. We learned this the hard way on the 1st one. It was still delicious the rice just could of been slightly more tender. The 2nd one I froze from the same batch was slightly more tender I assume since it had been sitting in the sauce cooling before I put it in the freezer. I will cook my brown rice in the sauce mix next time for probably 30 minutes before putting in my baking dishes to insure that our rice is fully cooked. I would say the sauce and the vegetable blend here is flexible enough that you could change the seasoning to have many casseroles with different flavor themes you and your family enjoy. Just be a little creative!

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mechellewyatt April 23, 2015

Loved how easy and tasty this was. Cut the recipe for 4 and still have lots left over. Very filling and loved the flavors. Did use leftover turkey and didn't have beans so used peas.

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adopt a greyhound April 17, 2015

I really enjoyed this! Much better than the Stouffer's frozen chicken and rice casserole. One of the two children liked it (but one never eats anything) and DH doesn't like casseroles but I found it to be a good use of some leftover smoked turkey and will be great to send for lunches! I did add quite a bit more vegetables and really think it could use more. I added frozen peas and corn along with frozen green beans as well as a little extra celery and carrots. I made a half recipe and it made quite a bit. Next time, would use panko bread crumbs. Will make this again for a quick freezer meal for the kids and me.

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StacyMD187373 April 13, 2015

I am not generally a fan of chicken and rice casserole, but this one was great! I used about 1 1/2 lbs of leftover chicken and 4 cups of broccoli florets. The flavor was very good--the use of the chili powder was inspired. Also, this made a ton (great for taking one to a friend and keeping one!) and I think that next time I may add even more broccoli. Thanks for a great recipe!

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Dwynnie March 11, 2015
The Best Chicken Rice Casserole