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You'll never have to beg me to eat cauliflower; I love it and always have! This soup has a lovely flavor and silky texture. Just the right thickness. I used fat free half and half for the milk but that's all I did differently. The parsley garnish adds a nice splash of color and flavor. Thanx for sharing!

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*Parsley* August 25, 2011

Oh I am such a bad cook and rarely have ingredients for anything. But I had a craving for cauliflower soup. I found this one and it was simple enough for even me to try. Though I didn't have a potato or any chicken broth. So I threw in some mushroom slices that were starting to try up. Now I also halved the recipe, but mistakenly didn't halve the liquids. The milk I used was almond milk. And of course the 'broth' was a teaspoon of beef crumbles and water. Sigh. But after pureeing and salting and peppering and adding the nutmeg (which scared me, especially since I didn't know what a pinch was) . I did have parsley flakes and I had some shredded fat free Mozzarella cheese so I scattered a bit over the top. And to my extreme surprise, it was tasty!!! Even I, with all my ineptitude and lack of ingredients, had a nice soup. And though I mistakenly didn't halve the liquid, it was a nice consistency. And it sure was low in calories! It'll be my go to soup from now on!

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reneeroszel March 01, 2016

This soup was great! Instead of milk I used organic coconut milk and instead of a regular white potato I used a sweet potato. This gave it a wonderful fall time flavor and was a bit healthier that way. As a few other reviews mention, it comes out thick at first, so I just added a bit more stock and coconut milk. It was so delicious! What I also liked about this soup was not only did it taste good, but it is much healthier than a lot of soup recipes that are out there!

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knight.kristina7 November 17, 2015

The soup was too thick but that is an easy fix. I just added more stock. Yum!

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nj2hammy November 10, 2015

I have made mans different cauliflower soups but this is the best. The potatoes give a layer of flavor and thickness and the milk is genius, adding richness without needing to add cream, which is usually what I use! I live this recipe and the wonderful creamy silky soup that it makes.

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valeame12 September 01, 2015

Although this soup is lush - I make mine so easily and with just 3 ingredients.......cauliflower, water and stock cubes from your cupboard.....no spices, no butter, no milk and no oils just cut y caulli up, roughly cut yr onion put into saucepan and cover with water. Crumble yr stock cube/s in, bring to boil then simmer about half hour......blend it all down season with salt to taste......easy peasy and thick n silky soup with nearly zero calls and fat free. Great for dieters, great for starters and soo filling

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Jo L. January 10, 2014

This was my first time making such soup, I loved it ! it was a big hit during dinner ? will make it again for sure !

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vaki44 September 09, 2013
The Best Cauliflower Soup Ever