The Best Carne Asada I Have Ever Had

Total Time
4hrs 20mins
4 hrs
20 mins

First I marinate this tender meat until the flavor is locked into each particle of the beef. Then I grill it to perfection and serve it with a fresh The Perfect Pico De Gallo. Definitely a good recipe for those summer BBQ's!

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  1. I wash the meat and dry it carefully, then in a bowl combine all ingredients. Mix carefully with your hands to make sure all of the meat is thoroughly coated.
  2. Refrigerate the meat all night or at least for 4 hours to get the best flavor. Then grill the meat on a medium low grill.
  3. I always put the cilantro and onion slices on top of the meat while it is grilling to give it extra flavor and then serve the onions and cilantros with the meat.
  4. I always enjoy a fresh margarita or two while they are cooking and while I am eating! You can also squirt a little lime juice on the meat while it is cooking.
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The only way we prepare our meat for carne asada. I also use garlic powder and salt and pepper. You can't really taste the mustard. It just makes the meat very tender.

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Sorry, but my husband wasn't impressed...but it was still worth eating.

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We really enjoyed this! I was worried the mustard would overpower everything else but it really doesn't. Just adds a nice subtle flavor. I made this ahead and froze the meat in the marinade. Thawed and grilled as directed. Very good. Thanks for sharing!