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I am honored that this fabulous burger is dedicated to me - I made it tonight and said this is a combo of so many flavors I love! One thing not in the recipe is mushrooms - I must have mushrooms! I used a local Jalapeno- Habenaro Gouda cheese - Lots of "hot" in this cheese and found a great Onion Cheese bun to serve it on. For the steak sauce I used Bulls Eye Steak sauce. I liked the idea of putting the cheese on the peppers etc but I did it on the skillet and put a lid over it til it melted. The burger was still sitting on one side of the pan. Thanks Potsie for honoring me in this way! I love it!

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Bergy May 13, 2007

The Queen has spoken. Total yumminess on a charcoal grill- the onion rolls make this recipe!

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Kizzikate September 26, 2008

I thought the combination was pretty good. I made the pepper, onion and steak sauce into a relish instead and added some ketchup for some sweetness. I also wanted it separate since others didn't like this combination. Good thing I did because my husband hated it, he actually spit it out! Oh well, can't win them all. I even used the relish to dip some french fries in. It was pretty good. I roasted the pepper first and used a red one. I didn't use the peppers or mustard, though. I used pork burgers instead and seasoned them with steak seasoning, garlic salt and minced onion. I also topped the burgers with american cheese in addition to the pepper jack.

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Concoctionista February 25, 2008

Reviewed for PAC Fall 2007 ZUT ALORS!!! THIS is THE BEST Burger I've had...fantastic...thanks for the great supper tonight,Baby Potsie.

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Lorrie in Montreal September 16, 2007

Oh man these are the BEST burgers! I agreed with Leslie, a burger is a burger, but oh no it is not. I can't even think of the words to describe how awesome this burger is. I don't think I will ever make "regular" burger's again. Just Bergy's! Thanks Pot Scrubber for posting this great recipe!

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KLBoyle April 11, 2007

This is a terrific tribute to zaar's burger queen Bergy! The flavors here are terrific and I made no changes other than adding sliced mushrooms to the onions & peppers. I also used the Montreal Steak seasoning and worchestershire in the ground beef. Thank you Potsie for a wonderful meal!

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Susie D February 24, 2007

OK, when I was making this I really thought to myself, well, I am sure this will be good, but a burger is a burger, right? WRONG!! This is really one terrific burger!! I pretty much followed the recipe, just made a couple of slight adjustments that I don't think really changed the outcome of this burger. I added an egg and a few bread crunmbs to my raw hamburger meat before shaping into patties, just because I am a chicken and was afraid it would fall apart on me while grilling. Of course I used the grilling option! Now, as per Queen Bergy's add on, I added some chopped up mushrooms to the onions and pepper mix and fried them all up. I used HP sauce and began heating. Then I had a glass of wine ..... ummmm .... and promptly forgot about the stuff on the stovetop! The HP and veggie mix cooked on my range for I don't know how long! When I finally realized what I had done and ran inside to *save* it, most of the liquid had pretty much cooked off and the end result was a delicious relish-like spread that tasted just like Branston Pickle! I was so pleased! LOL! Anyway,the flavour of the jalapenos, and melted cheese under the broiler, coupled with the sauce was soooo good, my DH said 10 stars for this one. LOVED IT!!!! Thanks for a terrific Ode to Bergy!

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~Leslie~ November 06, 2006

OUTSTANDING burgers Potsie!!! I added a splash of Grey Goose to the seasoned burgers as DH2B looked on in horror, but it was really good!! I used the George Forman Grill for the first stage in cooking. I used DotM's Bread Maker Hamburger Buns and added dried jalapeno flakes with my onion flakes to the top and tossed some cheddar into the bread machine - DELICIOUS! I also used Kitz's Really Easy and Good Steak Sauce. This burger comes together so nicely! The flavors all mingle and are as vibrant as Bergy! This is a totally delicious burger and I will be making this again. You Rock!! Cheers!

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NcMysteryShopper October 22, 2006
The Bergy Burger