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I had forgotten all about this pie.A friend of my grandma gave me this recipe when I was just learning how to bake.The only difference is her recipe included 1 cup chocolate chips.And I always serve it warm topped with whipped creme.This is so rich and filling a small slice more than satisfies.Tastes like a cross between choc chip cookies and smores.Yummy!!!!!!

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Mona February 13, 2002

This is a cousin of pecan pie in taste but does not look a lot like it. I will be making this again. The taste is very good. It is not hard to make at all.

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barbacious August 22, 2003

I order this pie anytime I am lucky enough to go to the Angus Barn, however when I tried making it myself using this recipe, my pie didn't end up tasting much like the restaurant version. For one thing, it seemed too sweet. It may be that the recipe requires unsweetened coconut, but I wasn't sure and what seems most easy to find in grocery stores is sweetened. If you use sweetened coconut I would recommend decreasing the amount of sugar you add. The other problem was that my pie wasn't as firm as the restaurant's version. I used liquid eggwhites but couldn't find a good conversion chart for the 7 eggwhites the recipe calls for. I used a cup of the liquid eggwhites and it was too much. Last but not least, a homemade crust probably tastes best. I used a frozen shell and my pie was just so-so.<br/>At the restaurant this pie is served with both whipped cream and sliced bananas on the top. Since my pie was a little sweet, sprinkling nutmeg and/or cinnamon on top of the bananas seemed to help cut the sweetness a little and complimented the pie nicely.

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Lynn A. November 19, 2014

There's a restaurant north of my town to where I'll drive 40 miles for a slice of this pie. I'm going to bake one for sure, thanks for posting it.

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baldyeaglehead November 16, 2007

This pie was easy to put together and very tasty. consistency of pecan pie with the added interest of coconut. I used walnuts instead of pecans and it was good, although I believe it would have been even better with the pecans. Thank you for posting.

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smiles4u January 01, 2006

I found this pie dry, although the flavor was good, it was nearly inedible without ice cream or whipped topping.

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Barb Conley December 04, 2003
The Angus Barn's Sawdust Pie