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This recipe is good in flavor but not texture, too much cauliflower changes the texture and makes it look different to Branston. There are also small bitty bits in this sauce, mustard seeds? Mustard powder is what I will use next time. The Branston I know consists of individual pieces of veg with a SMOOTH rich sweet vinegary sauce.

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Lauren Australia September 14, 2011

I am English (living in California) and love, love, love cheese and pickle sandwiches so when I found a recipe for Branston Pickle - I was really happy, the imported stuff being so expensive! I halved the recipe for a test batch and perhaps this was unwise because who is to say what half a small cauli looks like? I used my best judgement (having made countless jams, relishes and jars of chutney) and must have been really off because there just was no liquid at all to bring to the boil. So I doubled the liquid ingredients, added about 4 cups of water and it kind of worked. I used the browning liquid kitchen bouquet to try and get the finished product looking a bit more branston-y and it did, kinda. Does it taste like pickle? Kinda. Would my husband recognize it as pickle if I didn't tell him what it was called? Nope! It tastes nice, but NOT anything on a par with the real Branston. I may try it again, but as malt vinegar is really expensive, and the kitchen bouquet is really expensive I may just give up and buy the real thing.

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uksuzie68 March 29, 2012

I thought the flavor was great. I used 2tsp of mustard powder instead of the seeds. Also, I used 2 tsp of cayenne pepper which gave it an unauthentic but nice amount of heat. I also used 4 tbsp of corn starch, mixed with a little cold water, and added at the end of the simmer to thicken it properly. It made just about 5 pint jars, and I processed them for 10 minutes in boiling water.

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cityreview October 25, 2011

Made this a few weeks aho. My daughter does not like "bits" so I liquidised some, added just a little beef stock to make it pour easier and had a very good brown sauce.

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Ann23 June 20, 2011

This is great! I added lots (3pts) of water while it cooked for 2 hours. Doubling the quantities I found it took at least an hour or 1.5hrs of chopping prep - I prefer chopped fine as per the original. I also added cornflour at the end to thicken - in hindsight probably a mistake as the final result is not as "juicy" as I'd like. Next time I intend to increase the amount of sugar (+3oz?) and the amount of malt vinegar (+3 cups?) - I generally don't like sauces too sweet but think the original is a mix of stronger sweet and tart. Ta French tart!

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AussieZaar May 12, 2010

Yum! A new taste sensation! I made a teeny batch of this and used to make a cheese sandwich. So good! Thanks! Made for the British Virtual Tour. :)

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Sharon123 October 11, 2009

Where have these been all my life! This is my first encounter with Branston Pickles -- making and eating -- and they are delicious. So easy-to-make and with a perfect sourness. Made as written, yielding five one-pound jars of luxury. Still thinking about whether I will be generous and share any. Thanks FT for a winner!

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Leggy Peggy June 01, 2008
The Almost Original Branston Pickle Recipe!