The 51st Way to Feed Your Brother

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READY IN: 25mins
Recipe by Millereg

A salad ballad. It's a dressing, I'm guessing. Recipe by Rhymin' Simon.

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  1. Two boiled potatoes through a kitchen sieve.
  2. Softness and smoothness to a salad give.
  3. Of mildest mustard take a single spoon.
  4. (Distrust the one that bites too soon).
  5. Yet deem it not, I beg, a fault.
  6. To add, double, or omit, the salt.
  7. Four times the spoon with oil of olives crown.
  8. And twice with vinegar, procured from town.
  9. True paste requires it, and your poet begs.
  10. The pounded yellow of two well-boiled eggs.
  11. Let onions' atoms link within the bowl.
  12. And, scarce suspected, animate the whole.
  13. And lastly, in the flavoured compound toss.
  14. A magic spoonful of anchovy sauce.
  15. O great and glorious!
  16. O herbaceous meat!
  17. T'would tempt the dying anchoret to eat.
  18. Back to the world he'd turn his weary soul.
  19. And dip his finger in the salad bowl.
  20. (Directions version 2. 0: dump everything in a food processor; purée; serve over salad or cooked vegetables).

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