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this is ultimate comfort food! i could eat this all and forgo the main course. i added a bunch of chopped fresh chives and alot of fresh ground pepper. i also sauteed 1 chopped onion in butter with paprika and added it in before baking. wonderful side dish

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chia October 18, 2003

These potatoes are FABULOUS. I made these for Thanksgiving and everybody raved about them. I preferred to add a couple Tbsp of fresh chopped chives, besides about 1/4 cup sauteed onion - it really gave it flavor and made it look beautiful. I did have a problem with them being too stiff though, I had to stir in quite a bit of milk to soften them up - and even then after it came out of the oven they stiffened back up, but regardless they were still GREAT. In any case we loved this recipe and I'll keep experimenting with this to see if I can make them stay softened. This is a must try - people will go back for 2nd's & 3rd's. Thank you for sharing your recipe HeatherFeather .

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Jul E December 27, 2003

YUMMY, Heather! We had these for Thanksgiving (15 people) and everyone really enjoyed them. I used a 5 lb. bag of Yukon Gold potatoes (probably too much) and followed the rest of the recipe to a "t". After baking the next day, they did seem a little stiffer than I would have liked, but everyone still raved about them. I think I probably should have added more sour cream and I will try that next time (either that or I will count my potatoes...I was in such a rush, I just peeled, cooked and mashed before I realized that I never counted them!) Thanks for a wonderful, make-ahead dish that sure was a help on a busy holiday!

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Karen=^..^= December 02, 2003

YUM! I liked that you use low-fat cream cheese and sour cream, which made this still taste so rich and wonderful! I used scallions and chives in place of the dried onions. And I used a bit of lowfat buttermilk and butter buds in place of the butter. (sorry for so many substitutions : < ) But despite all my subs, Heather, this dish was terrific! Thank you.

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Kozmic Blues October 20, 2003

Absolutely delicious! I was worried potatoes would dry out or taste leftover, but they were fantastic the next day. I also made a sweet potato casserole (#41988), so there was no last minute mashing! It really took the pressure off and I could relax intead of spending the entire day cooking. I cooked my turkey in a roaster oven, so I would have room for casseroles.

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dndsloan January 19, 2004

Very creamy, but if we do this again, we will add more spices. It just tasted a little bland. The kids gobbled it up though. I'm thinking some garlic :)

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Mark & Stacy June 11, 2014

I rarely rate recipes but I this is my GO TO recipe for a crowd needing comfort food. I like to make them for funerals luncheons and for families with new babies etc.! It is a little time consuming with all the peeling of the potatoes but well worth it. But don't get me wrong eventhough it is time consuming at first is awesome to have them made ahead of time. I have even frozen them and pulled them out to bake and turned out fabulous. Love them! You won't regret trying these.

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Laurie Tant February 10, 2012

I loved this recipe, soooo good!! thanks!

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Tanali November 24, 2009

These are wonderful. I was in charge of potatoes for Thanksgiving and we were traveling 1 hour away from our home. Baked them in a stoneware 9x13" pan, covered them with foil, wrapped them in a towel and then put them in an insulated bag. They were still steamy one hour later. I will be making these again for Christmas. Thanks for posting this Heather - it's a real keeper!

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LARavenscroft December 19, 2008

These are to die for and so easy to put together the night before. I baked these a lil longer but I also had huge potatoes. Made these for thanksgiving dinner and everyone loved these, they are awesome to put together and take to a friends house or get together. Thanks Heather Feather will definitely put in my keep cookbook

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sexygrneyes777 February 20, 2008
Thanksgiving Rush Mashed Potato Casserole