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I made this with my girl scout troop to enter a pumpkin pie contest. It was very "pumpkinny" and had a different spin on pumpkin pie. Very similar to "dump cakes" where you use pie fillings and top with cake mix, butter, and nuts. As for the pie contest, the girls won 1st prize. Thanks for the recipe.

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SMCC November 23, 2008

I cannot say enough about this recipe. I made it after I smelled in cooking at a friends house. Its smell, taste, texture is intoxicating. This is an amazing sub for pumpkin pie. And tastes MUCH better. When I made it the first time, I omitted the allspice and the nutmeg since I didn't have any on hand..and it was still delicious. My pumpkin hating husband devours it. He asks for it all the time!!! You will not be disappointed with this one.

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beginnerchef November 17, 2008

I made this tonight as a test run for Thanksgiving. Outstanding!!! It really was too easy, yet so delicious. I was expecting this to be kind of like a pumpkin pie, but the flavor of the nuts, cake & pumpkin all combined to make it a really interesting & irresistible dessert for the Holidays.I used the yellow cake mix & walnuts,& also used pumpkin pie spice.THANKS!!

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OrangeOctober November 12, 2007

Yet another keeper. (At this point, that's pretty much a foregone conclusion with Kittencal's recipes in general; don't think I've found one yet that my family and I don't enjoy.) Again, simple, no fuss, get-good-food-on-the-table cooking. My wife's a big pumpkin pie fan, but not so much a fan of crusts, so she was very enthusiastic about this dessert. Thanks, Kittencal!

Re the two negative reviews in the queue below: (1) Different people, different likes/dislikes; (2) If the dessert is still really gooey, possibly need to go a few minutes longer. (I think I was slightly on the long side of an hour -- in the middle of an oil change on the snow blower when it timed out.)

I didn't use the nuts (would have loved to, but my wife doesn't like them very much), and used a lemon cake (because that's what I had in the cupboard -- actually tried the recipe tonight because I forgot to get premade pie crusts for a pumpkin pie, and had other chores, so no time to make up my usual crust). The lemon cake actually turned out okay with this, though either a spice or gingerbread recipe might be fun too. The lemon gave a nice contrast -- not too strong.

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MNGoldenBear October 28, 2012

Pretty good but thought it was missing something - not quite sure what... thought the pumpkin could have been a little sweeter.

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Debbb October 13, 2012

I really impressed my friends with this cake and they asked the recipe.
I prepared 2/3 of the recipe and I used also 2/3 of Homemade Yellow Cake Mix (Subtitute 18.25oz Betty Crocker Box) for the mentioned package cake mix.
I used a baking mold with glas bottom (which would not be damaged cutting the cake) and a silicon removable border. This makes the cake prettier to serve.
The cake mix adsorbed the humidity form the pumpkin puree layer.
I prepared the pumkin puree baking this in the microwave and simply mashing it with the fork. The other great method would be baking it in the oven until soft; I would not boil it because of eventually water excess.
I loved very much the flan like base and the crunchy topping. It was not necessary to roast the nuts in advance as they were on the top of the cake and exposed to direct heat.
The spice mix was wonderful, a great idea!

Woderful, a big thanks!

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awalde September 11, 2012

I've made this a few times now and I love it. This is way better than the usual pumpkin pie!

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shelly.johnson October 30, 2011

Too gooey for our taste.

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cuppycakes April 18, 2011

SO delicious. Everyone loved it. Smells heavenly while baking in the oven. Tasted even better the second day. DH doesn't like nuts, so I used a Pampered Chef chopper to chop the nuts very finely (Cheaper to buy pecan halves than chopped pecans anyway.), and he LOVED it. It gave the dessert a nice crunch. Interesting alternative to pumpkin pie. You can also see three layers when you cut into it, which was different from pumpkin pie. I had a lot of canned pumpkin left over, which I would probably use for pancakes or pumpkin bread. Thanks so much for the recipe! Will definitely make again. So delicious and so easy to make.

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Pink Papillon February 03, 2011

Overall, we like this a lot. The smell was incredible. It was super easy, and it will feed more people than a pie if you're looking for something for a crowd. I took mine out at 1 hour, but think I'll leave it in longer next time. It wasn't runny, but was still thinner than I would have preferred it. Used a spray can of rediwhip on each piece as needed. I don't usually do nuts, but I loved the taste of the butter soaked pecans in this!

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Mark & Stacy January 24, 2011
Thanksgiving Pumpkin Crunch Cake Dessert