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I got this tip many years ago from my friend Anni and I use it every year now for my Thanksgiving turkey gravy. My kids say my gravy is the best there is, but I have Anni to thank for that..


  1. For each cup of turkey gravy, you add a teaspoon of cider vinegar. LOL, that's it. It does not lend an acidy-taste at all, but brightens the flavor I think.
  2. Trust me on this. You can do a before/after taste test, especially if you're like most of us and have MORE than 1 cup of gravy to serve - just try this with one cup gravy as the tester - if you don't believe it is mightier tasting, then its Anni's fault, not mine. LOL. no, just kidding. But seriously, this is awesome, and this will be your new thing forever.
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I'm a little late in writing my review; I tried this for Thanksgiving. I do believe the apple cider acted as a subtle flavor enhancer and improved the flavor of the gravy.

Ginny Sue February 21, 2010

This one is tricky to review--it's hard to compare sips out of two different cups of HOT liquid. But, like slickchick and steve, I think I detected a more robust difference too! I thought, "Aw heck, apple cider vinegar is a cure-all tonic for everything," and added the tester cup and more cider vinegar back into the remaining gravy. We loved it and I think we're healthier now too!

ladyfingers November 28, 2008

It does add more flavor and body to the gravy. I tried it with pork roast gravy and it was delicious.
In an old 1800's cookbook there was mention of using vinegar in gravy but I had forgotten about it.
Unfortunately, the cookbook and other antiques was burned in a fire in an outbuilding. I can't verify this use then. Thanks for posting.

Montana Heart Song June 14, 2011