Thai Thighs

READY IN: 15hrs
Recipe by Millereg

You can adjust the heat level of this recipe by altering the amount of salsa and/or the chili sauce/sambal to taste. Prep time includes marinating time.

Top Review by ThatBobbieGirl

Usually, I buy only whole chickens, when they're cheap, and keep them in my freezer, so I requested a consultation with Chef Mille® ™ to inquire whether a whole chicken, suitably dissected, would be an acceptable substitute for the thighs. After receiving this assurance, and after some of the hard-to-find-where-I-live ingredients showed up in the mail (along with some other goodies -- a wonderful surprise package!!) I proceeded as follows: After the birdie was properly thawed, I set about cutting it into legs, thighs, wings and breast halves. Then I cut each breast half into thirds in an attempt to approximate the size and shape of chicken thighs. I did not remove the skin, as don't generally do that - the bird's lost most of its dignity by this point, I'll let it keep its skin! As I was mixing up the marinade/sauce ingredients, I tasted the individual items and immediately became concerned that it would turn out too "hot" for my family to eat! After an emergency consultation with the Chef, and his assurance that some of heat would disappear during cooking, I felt confident that everyone would be able to eat it, so I used the full amounts of all the marinade ingredients. From that point, I proceeded as the recipe instructs, but the refrigerator was full, so I kept it overnight in my seasonal walk-in refrigerator -- also known as The Garage. (I made this a few weeks ago, when it was still consistently cold out there!) The chicken was done in about 6 hours, but I let it go for about 2 more hours because we weren't ready to eat yet - I hadn't made the rice yet, and the family was working together on chores. Nobody was complaining about being hungry, so I wasn't going to interrupt them for a meal! I sneaked off for a minute and pressed my other crockpot into service to make Mirj's Perfect Crockpot Rice. By the time the rice was ready and the chores were finished, the chicken was even more tender and it just about fell off the bones as I served it. It was a little bit "hotter" than the kids like most of the time, but the whole combination was so delicious that they ate it anyway and wanted seconds. (Next time, I'll use a little less of the hot stuff, but not much less) I realized after we were done, that I had forgotten the cashews. Then I found out that someone had gotten into them and I wouldn't have had any to put on this anyway. Another "next time reminder" -- lock up the cashews!

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  1. Place salsa, chili sauce, peanut sauce, juice, fish sauce, scallions and ginger in a bowl – mix thoroughly.
  2. Chill this mixture for 30 minutes, then taste and adjust spice/heat to taste.
  3. Place this mixture and the thighs in a gallon freezer bag or a covered plastic container.
  4. Shake well to thoroughly coat thighs and marinate overnight in fridge, turning once or twice.
  5. Dump the whole shootin’ match in ye olde crocke potte and cook on low setting for about 7 hours or till chicken is cooked thoroughly.
  6. Carefully remove chicken to a pre-warmed serving dish.
  7. Taste sauce again and adjust seasonings to taste.
  8. Place cashews in plastic baggie and bash ‘em with a kitchen hammer/mallet.
  9. Serve chicken with sauce poured over and garnish with bashed cashews and chopped cilantro/parsley.

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