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Usually, I buy only whole chickens, when they're cheap, and keep them in my freezer, so I requested a consultation with Chef Mille® ™ to inquire whether a whole chicken, suitably dissected, would be an acceptable substitute for the thighs. After receiving this assurance, and after some of the hard-to-find-where-I-live ingredients showed up in the mail (along with some other goodies -- a wonderful surprise package!!) I proceeded as follows: After the birdie was properly thawed, I set about cutting it into legs, thighs, wings and breast halves. Then I cut each breast half into thirds in an attempt to approximate the size and shape of chicken thighs. I did not remove the skin, as don't generally do that - the bird's lost most of its dignity by this point, I'll let it keep its skin! As I was mixing up the marinade/sauce ingredients, I tasted the individual items and immediately became concerned that it would turn out too "hot" for my family to eat! After an emergency consultation with the Chef, and his assurance that some of heat would disappear during cooking, I felt confident that everyone would be able to eat it, so I used the full amounts of all the marinade ingredients. From that point, I proceeded as the recipe instructs, but the refrigerator was full, so I kept it overnight in my seasonal walk-in refrigerator -- also known as The Garage. (I made this a few weeks ago, when it was still consistently cold out there!) The chicken was done in about 6 hours, but I let it go for about 2 more hours because we weren't ready to eat yet - I hadn't made the rice yet, and the family was working together on chores. Nobody was complaining about being hungry, so I wasn't going to interrupt them for a meal! I sneaked off for a minute and pressed my other crockpot into service to make Mirj's Perfect Crockpot Rice. By the time the rice was ready and the chores were finished, the chicken was even more tender and it just about fell off the bones as I served it. It was a little bit "hotter" than the kids like most of the time, but the whole combination was so delicious that they ate it anyway and wanted seconds. (Next time, I'll use a little less of the hot stuff, but not much less) I realized after we were done, that I had forgotten the cashews. Then I found out that someone had gotten into them and I wouldn't have had any to put on this anyway. Another "next time reminder" -- lock up the cashews!

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ThatBobbieGirl April 08, 2004

I made this recipe according to directions and followed a few suggestions. The chicken was tender, but the dish was not full of flavor. The dish was spicy, but lacked flavor. It didn't have levels of variety in texture. I won't be making this dish again, my hope was wishful for a great new recipe, but this didn't come up to my expectations. I'm not a food snob, just like recipes full of flavor, texture, smell and deliciousness. Doubt I would make this again, I would have to think on how I would change this to my taste.

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Linda F. June 15, 2016

WOW! This is incredible! Thanks so much for posting!

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Paris D December 12, 2012

Very good. Before cooking, the salsa verde was the standout flavor, after cooking it was a nice complex sauce with just the right amount of heat for me. Doubled the thai chili sauce, substituted some minced red onion for the scallions, substituted 1/2 worchestershire and 1/2 soy sauce for the fish sauce, and subbed ground ginger. Mixed the sauce together the previous morning, mixed with boneless skinless chicken breasts in the evening. Cooked for 6 hours on low and 1 hour high. Tender and fall apart. A great crockpot recipe.

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KellyMae May 28, 2009

Really tasty. I neglected to marinate, but that didn't seem to hurt the flavor.

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Jennifer Arnow January 30, 2005

We tried this recipe and while it didn't look as nice as the posted picture, it was so very tasty! I think next time we will increase the heat some as we're fans of spicy, but in overall flavor, this dish was great

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rainyfriday December 24, 2004

Excellent flavor! I didn't notice that I was supposed to marinate the chicken until I was just getting ready to prep it and toss it in the crockpot. Nonetheless, I placed the skinned chicken in the crockpot, covered it with the sauce, and it turned out beautifully. I also hadn't noticed the "verde" part of the salsa as I was just about to toss in some ordinary tomato salsa. I didn't have salsa verde on hand, but I did have some green jalapeno salsa and substituted with that. I cooked my chicken for 4.5 hours and found it to be cooked through. The sauce was a bit watery, so I removed the chicken from the crockpot, and stirred in a slurry of water mixed with cornstarch and turned the heat setting to "high" to thicken it up. I served this with steamed rice. The flavor of the chicken was just a little spicy even though I used the milder chilli sauce instead of the sambal (while cooking). It was just within my daughter's tolerance for spiciness, and although she is a picky eater she ate this well. I spooned some sambal oelek on top of the chicken for myself to raise the heat level. It was very good! I shouldn't have waited so long to make this! Thanks for posting.

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Sue Lau August 24, 2004

Wonderful. I used lemon instead of lime, and left off the nuts, because I was too lazy to go out to buy them. This was outrageously good nonetheless.I threw everything in a large ziploc bag overnight, then cooked this on the stove, as my husband has an Issue with chicken in the crockpot. Very yummy.

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Sudie June 14, 2004
Thai Thighs