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I had the opposite problem of katew - this was delicious but it suddenly went from a flourly liquid to a solid after about 5 minutes of cooking. It stuck on the bottom and I wasn't prepared to pull if off and onto a greased baking pan at that moment. The end result really reminded me of mochi, but with a coconut flavor. When I make mochi I knead the dough after it cooks, so I may try that with this recipe in the future. I made a half batch and got 25 little pieces - someone could maybe eat 3-4 pieces, so a full recipe would serve at least 12 people. For ZWT9

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Random Rachel August 20, 2013

I tried this as an experiment as I had milk to use up and rice flour left from making Xmas shortbread. It came together fast but needed extra long slow cooking to get rid of the floury chalky texture. You need to stir or whisk non stop because it will catch on the bottom. I used brown sugar not palm sugar and halved the amount and I was 'out' of pandanus leaves !!! Next time !!! I got tired of stirring but my daughter took over to get it to a perfect consistency - thick and lustrous. We had no idea of what to expect but I will give 5 stars for an excellent cultural and culinary experience. Made for ZWT9.

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katew August 20, 2013
Thai Sticky Pudding (Kanom Nam Tan)