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This recipe has potential and good ingredients, but needs a few changes. The sauce, which makes the whole dish, should only be cooked briefly, perhaps one minute. Frying these ingredients for 2-3 minutes over high heat completely burnt the paste and we had to throw it out - a shame, because all the work was in making the paste. No one at my green grocer knew what a banana chili was, so I chose the most banana shaped one I could find, which was the anaheim chili. The second problem in the recipe is the instructions for adding the squid (we used frozen, uncooked squid rings) and additional chilies. While the chilies take about 3 minutes to cook, the squid should be cooked between 30 seconds to one minute at most - otherwise it turns to inedible rubber. Fortunately I knew this, and our squid was mouthwateringly tender. Finally, the amount of oil for the sauce needed to be at least doubled to be sufficient for frying the paste ingredients and creating a sufficient amount of sauce for the squid. We served it over jasmine rice, with a sprinkle of crushed peanuts. With these changes I'd give this recipe 4 stars. Everyone enjoyed it and cleaned their plates.

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narobbins July 15, 2008
Thai Squid With Chilies and Basil