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OUTSTANDING!! These are so flavorful, you almost don't even need a dipping sauce. I followed your recipe exactly except (lol) I used fresh bean sprouts instead of clear rice noodles because I'm afraid of them, lol.. Anyhow, great recipe! Thanks! Note: 11-NOV-2007 suggestion to the reviewer who mentioned the rolls stuck together when attempting to freeze them - fear not, you just did it wrong. To freeze these, you want to put them on a cookie sheet, not touching, and place in freezer overnite; then, wake up and after you've had your coffee, go ahead and put them in ziplock bags, there you go. Better luck next time ;)

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steve in FL June 28, 2008

My DH has been wanting some spring rolls, so I decided to try this recipe. Made following the recipe exactly and they came out awesome! I made up some Linda's Thai Sweet Chili Sauce for Dipping (Egg Rolls, Sushi) to dip them in and it was the perfect hot/sweet sauce to accompany them. The sauce is addicting! We gobbled them up like there was no tomorrow. Another recipe for my favorites folder that I can't wait to have again. Thanks for sharing Jenny! Becky

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beckyjacobs54 September 24, 2008

Wow great recipe I've always loved Spring rolls and wanted to make them myself, came across your recipe and tried it last night. Boy O Boy where they HOT Spicy HOT, I omitted the pork and fried the veg's because i believe Carrots, Onion and Cabbage become sweeter when fried. I substituted the noodles for Bean Sprouts which I also added to the frying pan for the last few minutes to soften them, The rolling was very easy I did realize after the 2nd 3rd one that the less mixture the easier it was to fold and then remained nice and tight and thin. I kept enough mixture to make one with out the spices and preferred that one, so next time i won't add the cayenne pepper or garlic - chilli sauce.

Thanks for sharing so happy I found your recipe now i can make my own Thai Spring Rolls.
BTW even my VERY FUSSY mom enjoyed them and that is saying something lol

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Lisa P. September 30, 2010

After I figured how to roll them things went smoothly. Next time I will omit the noodles and use all cole slaw mix. They really do cook in a short amount of time. Some of mine were extra brown at first because I was worried they wouldn't be done....but they were.

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Love to Eat!! August 05, 2009

Very good & easy recipe!! One note i would like to make though is that i did end up freezing the remainder & when i did take them out of the bag the next day, they stuck together & started falling apart, so i had to remove the filling & wrap them new again. So i personally wouldn't try to freeze these babies. You're better off just making enough to fry up for a meal.

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chicarubia November 05, 2007
Thai Spring Rolls