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Bravo, nice salad! I made this a couple of days ago following the directions exactly but used the microplane to grate my ginger and I did not have the lemongrass so used the zest of one lemon. To my dressing I added 1 tablespoon of canola oil to hold it onto the salad better. I cooked my own shrimp but see how easy it would be with pre-cooked. I actually think I would like this even better with chicken. Thanks for posting, Sue Lau.

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Garlic Chick November 20, 2012

So much satisfaction, so little fat and calories! I forgot to get lemongrass, so I subbed the zest of one lemon. I also served the gingerroot on the side, because of family allergies. This was so full of flavor! Thank you for posting.

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sandrasothere March 12, 2009

Wow! I halved the recipe and used the lime sauce mixture as 1 serving over my salad. I took a taste of the sauce and knew I wanted my salad saturated with it! I realized that my shrimp had freezer burn so I had to cook chicken breast. I sliced the chicken thinly and sauteed in sesame seed oil, trying to keep in line with the recipe's flavor. I didn't have any chiles so I just used slices of jalapenos with the seeds. Gave it a nice kick! Great for those who like the heat! Next time I'll cut the lemongrass in smaller pieces as I found them a little harder to eat and getting in the way when raw. They do add a great flavor. I found it fresh at Whole Foods. When I was done eating, I gathered the remaining "juice" and packed it to eat with my next serving, lunch, the following day. Update: I had to add some garlic oil to the dressing for some fat to make this a main meal.

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discriminating tastes... March 06, 2009

This was really, really great. We marinated the shrimp in the sauce for about an hour and and then topped the lettuce with it.

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Alanna Dean December 25, 2006

Oh my, delicious salad Sue! I made dinner without cooking a thing tonight and it was delicious. I used already cooked shrimp from the store and made the rest pretty as written except that I just can't get lemongrass here but I used some lemongrass powder....poor substitute but better than nothing. Also, I used up half a bag of Earthbound Farms organic herbs combine with the green leaf lettuce called for in the recipe. My husband and I discovered pretty quick that the dill in the herb mix was NOT compatible with the other flavors in this salad! So, we picked it all out. I also cut down on the black pepper a bit and halved the mint, just for our own tastes. We really enjoyed this salad and it's so easy to put together on a summer evening. Thanks Sue, we'll be doing this one again!

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Hey Jude August 07, 2004
Thai Spicy Shrimp Salad (Yaam Goong)