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Although I seemed to have screwed this up royally, it still came out absolutely delicious. My first mistake that I didn't reach the directions properly and added both tablespoons of oil to the marinade. (I also used sunflower oil because I was out of peanut oil.) I marinated the beef overnight and proceeded as directed. Even though I had diced my potatoes rather small, they still took a while to cook and all my water had evaporated. I ended up adding more water (2/3 cup each time!) before the potatoes were ready. After adding the cup of baby spinach, I decided I wanted more and threw in the whole bag. Despite all these changes, the recipe was really, really tasty. Thanks for sharing!

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JackieOhNo! May 09, 2011

I did enjoy this. It was easy to prepare and I think a healthy choice. I thought that it could use a little boost of flavor. Maybe some garlic and a little touch of curry paste?

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tara portee May 19, 2011
Thai Spicy Beef With Spinach, Mushroom & Potato