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Delicious pudding! I used rice milk and a little more coconut milk like UmmBinat to be dairy free. For sweetener I used jaggery and halved the amount because we don't like it very sweet - that was just perfect. Will make it again - thanks for posting! Made for Ramadan Tag 2010.

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Mia in Germany August 21, 2010

Time consuming but worth it for how good the pudding tastes. I am assuming the rice is cooked covered, correct? Substituted dates for golden raisins and jasmine rice for plain white rice. The lemon was not stirred into the pudding but used as a garnish. A delicious combination of flavors especially the nutty red rice and perfumy jasmine. Added a heaping 1/4 teaspoon of cardamom. Love the pistachios on top! Does help the cook if the ingredients are listed in order. Reviewed for Ramadan Tag.

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COOKGIRl August 17, 2010

I really enjoyed this. The pudding has a nice lemon flavour. I did use a bit less lemon zest but it was lemony enough. I grated it on the small side of a box grater. The recipe never says when to add the golden rasins so I decided not to at the end. I can see they would taste good in this, though I think DH would prefer without anyway. I made this without half-and-half because we are dairy free and just added additional coconut milk to be creamy. For the milk I used rice milk which worked fine. I will make this again. Made for Ramadan Tag.

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UmmBinat September 24, 2009
Thai Red Rice Pudding