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How delicious! I used pureed pumpkin, diced onion instead of shallot, half the coconut milk, water for vegetable broth, omitted lemongrass, used half a lime, and didn't immersion-blend. Now that I think about it, I'm reviewing a different recipe.

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tatumis January 13, 2010

Loved it and so did my kids! Use chili oil as I did not have any peppers around. Just a teaspoon (or less if you are not sure on your heat tolerance). Can add a few drops in your bowl if you like it hotter

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three muchachos November 13, 2007

First time I tried it I didnt have lemongrass, but the soup still came out fantastic. Great recipe, will definately make it again and again!!!

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danielamoldovian August 14, 2007

This is by far my most favorite winter soup!! Great as a holiday or party soup -- hearty, easy to make and filling. The first time I made it I followed the recipe to the letter and the soup turned out a bit too sour and spicy for my taste (I'm Russian, so my palate is perhaps a bit on the bland side ;-)). I then cut out the lemon grass, lime zest and hot pepper and just used: 1 cup (lite) coconut milk, 3 cups vegan broth, two leeks, two garlic cloves, one smallish pumpkin, half a tea spoon ground red cayenne pepper, cylantro, salt and pepper to taste and juice of one small lime. The result was so good that I have made it every week since! You can also try substituting the pumpkin with 4 big carrots and one red bell pepper or any other seasonal veggies. Last week I even made "Thai Borscht" (substitute the pumpkin with four medium beets and four medium carrots) -- as a Russian, I have tasted a zillion different varieties of borscht in my life, but this one is the most exotic and delicious! An awesome vegan recipe -- your family will beg you to make it every week!

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RussianZaarina November 20, 2005

I'm a pumpkin soup fan and this did not disappoint. I used a dollop of sweet chili sauce as I had forgotten to get some chillies which worked well especially as my preschooler was eating this. Even she said that this soup was "very, very nice." Definitely worth the effort.

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Missy Wombat February 27, 2005

This was enjoyed by me myself! I made it using 1 cup each of coconut milk,stock,and pumpkin. I did use 1 hot pepper, half of a red onion, 2 lemongrass. I totally forgot to use the lime juice but I did use the zest.I just guess I couldn`t wait for it! This soup had the perfect amount of heat was smooth and creamy except for the thin slices of lemongrass which gave it great texture and refreshing flavor. I will have it the rest tomorrow adding the lime juice and cilantro. Thanks for a great recipe FlemishMinx! — posted Oct 7, 2004, I`m back! Ok I did add the lime and cilantro and it still was great and refreshing! I do enjoy lime and cilantro very much so you can do almost anything with it and I`m sure I`ll love it! With or without it GREAT!

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Rita~ October 13, 2004
Thai Pumpkin Soup