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I was a bit torn between giving this recipe a 3 or a 4 star review. I've gone with 3 stars for the following reasons. (1) The pasta to sauce ratio. There was simply not enough sauce for 1 pound of pasta. (2) The sauce in itself was a bit bland for our tastes. I needed to add more garlic and ginger, in addition to Fish Sauce and minced red chili pepper. (3) To make it more a complete meal I added 2 grilled chicken breasts (diced) as suggested, but it was not enough, the chicken was lost in the pasta. The recipe in itself is good, but not outstanding. There are two ways to fix this, either double the amount of sauce and chicken or cut the amount of pasta to half to allow for 4 servings instead of 8-10. I am going to make this recipe again using half the amount of pasta asked and if all goes well I will change my review.

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- Carla - January 29, 2005
Thai Pasta Salad