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This is really delicious and easy to prepare ! Instead of deep frying, i tried to oven-cook with aluminium foil cover the pandan-wrapped chicken, the chicken was moist and infused with the aroma of pandan leaves.... yummy yummy ! plus it's more healthy. My husband, who doesn't like spicy food, tried to eat and love it so much the first time i cooked. This recipe definately will be my favourite recipe in my cooking book.

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layaili1119 July 25, 2008

These pandan chiken recipe is great!! tastes like the chiken from a Thai restaurant. Im a Malaysian, which is the neighboring coutry of Thailand, and I assure you I have tried authentic Thai recipes. This is definitely one. It doesnt matter how u wrap the chiken with the leaves. just cover most of it tightly by wrapping verticaly and horizontaly to make sure the juices stay inside.

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Malaysian`Chef January 26, 2008

This is really good - the chicken is moist, tender, and not too hot. I love the scent of the pandan. Being cautious, I reduced the chilies from 3 to 2, but 3 would have been fine. I used chicken breasts rather than thighs, cut them as directed, and ended up with 12 packages, mainly because I was afraid that the chicken wouldn't cook through if it was too thick. Some idea of how to wrap these would have been useful. I needed 1 pandan leaf for each package, so used 12. The marinade resulted in quite wet chicken, which was made wetter by the coconut milk. I don't really understand the coconut milk's purpose. I used coconut cream which was pretty thick, but still liquid. I think I will cut back the amounts of the marinade and coconut milk next time. After forming the packages, I wiped them dry with paper towels and then deep fried them. Other than a little uncertaintly as to whether the chicken inside was cooked, that went well. Thank you very much for sharing this recipe with us. I'm adding this note because I just noticed that I probably got the amount of meat wrong - this recipe calls for 400 g drumsticks, from which the bones are removed. I used 400 g boneless chicken breast, which may account for the higher yield.

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mianbao September 24, 2005
Thai Pandan Chicken