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HEY! This is surprisingly good! I actually had most of the ingredients on hand and used ground turkey instead of ground pork, and this is yummy! I omitted bellpeppers and coriander because I did not have it on hand, but it worked out fine. This makes a lot, so next time I will half it or even quarter it and use a smaller baking pan. This becomes a new ground turkey recipe for me because I always end up making meatloaf or stuffed bellpeppers or burger patties with ground turkey, and now I will make this. I will make this again for sure. It was very easy to make. I used jasmine rice and baked for 30 minutes. Thanks!

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Iddy Bitty December 13, 2011

Great recipe! I've submitted a slightly corrected version (recipe didn't clarify what onions to use while cooking, and fish sauce was not mentioned during preparation). I did things slightly differently: I used red onion, portabello mushrooms (didn't have any shiitake), dark soya sauce, more garlic, and drained off the liquid after the pork was cooked. It was excellent!

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Donovan Long August 10, 2008

wow this was really GOOD and easy. i substituted some things like a fresh jalapeño pepper for the cayenne pepper - because that's what i had on hand...and, i didn't have coriander or green pepper but it turned out great! oh yeah - i added more rice because it looked too soupy but i might not add as much next time.

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la cuisiniere TRUBLUBU2 November 16, 2007
Thai Oven-Baked Rice With Shiitake Mushrooms