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So surprised by the flavor of this soup! No broth, but still delicious. I did use more of the cornstarch/water mix to thicken the soup....I'm used to a thicker hot and sour soup. Enjoyed the cilantro sprinkled on top. Great soup! I'm glad I found it here! Made for Zaar Cookbook Tag!

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breezermom February 06, 2013

This is the real deal! I would say it is closer to Chinese than Thai hot and sour soup. Just like the reviewer before me I was very skeptical whether or not you could really make this on the basis of water - but my worries were put to shame. The additions of various sauces, garlic etc just brings the flavour all together. I probably tripled the garlic (we love garlic) but otherwise followed the recipe. I had to use twice the amount of water/cornstarch to get the right thickness, I julienned the bamboo shoots. Very filing soup - for us the serving size would amount to a first course serving, for a main meal we would need two bowls which is just fine. Thanks for sharing this fun recipe.

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Deantini January 07, 2011

When I read this recipe I was not sure if making this without any chicken or seafood stock is going to produce an acceptable hot and sour soup. But it did! The taste of this soup is closer to regular Chinese hot and sour soup than what I would call Thai soups with more sour components. It is very easy to make and for those who want to make hot and sour soup but lacking any good stock, this soup will surely satisfy you.I did not add red bell pepper. The recipe calls for 1 C bamboo shoot and that threw me a bit because I use fresh whole bamboo and wasn't sure how I needed to cut. I ended up slicing it thinly like tofu. Later I realized that it most likely used canned bamboo which was already sliced. Thank you dianegrapegrower for posting this recipe. Made for Asian forum unrated Asian recipe tag game.

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Rinshinomori July 15, 2009

Hot and sour soup has always been a favorite in our family but have never tried to make it myself. We enjoyed this recipe and I enjoyed how easy and fast it came together. I do had to add more cornstarch to get it to thicken enough, but that was easy. I'm thinking next time I might add some red pepper flakes to give it a little more bite.

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Bonnie G #2 May 08, 2014
Thai Hot and Sour Soup